Abdominal Muscle with Good Volume

Whenever we speak of a side muscle volume spring to mind groups that define it, such as back, chest, biceps and yet when we think we tend to think of defining a good abs, in the coveted chocolate.

Associating with abdominal quintessential definition group is normal as a rule (sadly just have to watch most of the male population) man usually accumulates excess fat, preferably, in the famous Michelin, cartridge strips or beer belly.

But to mark the abs and show our six pack, besides having a low body fat index, it must also be the rectus abdominis and obliques muscle with good volume, so in this post we will provide some keys to be that volume necessary for fat to surface down the perfect abs.

Keys to a Good Volume in the Abdominal Muscle

Volume works them: One of the greatest errors of many people is to stop working the abdominal volume in phase as they think they are seen as not necessary. This group needs to grow hypertrophy and not wait to get to the definition to train.

Let them rest: Another common mistake that is usually seen in gyms is performing crunches everyday. Like all muscles, the abdominals, need a break to recover and grow, at least 48 hours.

Technique: It is important that each crunch, shrinking each and every repetition q do you make the perfect technique with that at all times you are squeezing the abdomen, on the one hand to protect the lower back and the other for a more effective exercise.

Meter charges intensity: It is useless to do thousands of crunches, we see everyday people doing sets of 50 crunches or even 100. For a muscle hypertrophy must give intensity and abdomen was not going to be different, try using dumbbells or disks as fillers to increase the intensity and the series are not over 15 repetitions and even you reach failure with far fewer.

Use different exercises: Variety is the change. Attacking the abs with different angles and from different points will make this use ranges fibers are not as used in classic exercises, which will make this more growth ultimately suffer.

Using bosu, fitball and pulleys: Add exercises with accessories that work makes the abdomen with much more intensity in the case of over load sheaves and all the way, with the bosu and the fitball adding difficulty that improve coordination and balance.

Specific job: Do not submit your abdominal training a couple of series at the end of the routine when you have no power. Occasionally gets specific sessions of crunches, working only inferior or superior oblique, but always imply that all exercises can emphasize those areas with different techniques.

Isometric: Isometric work for the abs is very important since you work a muscle that is under the rectus abdominis and obliques, transversus whose work will give us a better postural alignment of the back and a slimmer waist, and help us have more marked our abdomen, but are not concave (out).

Uncover: This is not a way to create abdominal volume but clearly any muscle the less fat covering to look much bigger, so do not forget that the key to uncover a low-carb diet, no saturated fat and 3 or 4 weekly sessions of moderate cardio.

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