60 Gifts That Are Selling Out On Amazon Because They’re So Freaking Clever

Emilee Geist

In my opinion, the best gifts are so clever, the recipient probably hasn’t seen them before, but useful enough that that they don’t just sit on a shelf. I’ve put a list together of all the fun gifts that are selling out on Amazon because they’re so freaking genius — […]

In my opinion, the best gifts are so clever, the recipient probably hasn’t seen them before, but useful enough that that they don’t just sit on a shelf. I’ve put a list together of all the fun gifts that are selling out on Amazon because they’re so freaking genius — and because thousands of five-star ratings prove that useful gifts are the best gifts.

When I say “clever,” I’m talking about cool finds like this weighted eye mask made from 100% natural jade stones that feels so good on your face at the end of a long day. I’m also talking about a little silicone tool that hooks onto your oven rack to pull baking racks out while keeping your hands safely away from high heat — perfect for your favorite home cook. Or what about a mini portable fire pit that you can take anywhere — camping, beach hangs, or just to the backyard — and that lights with a single match?

Possibly the most clever gift on this list is a weather-predicting instrument — it’s shaped like a cloud, but it’s filled with special liquid and crystals that change along with the atmospheric pressure. It also makes for a minimalist decor accent that looks great on any windowsill, desk, or bookshelf.

As long as you grab these ridiculously awesome gifts before they’re sold out, I promise your gift recipient won’t already have them. And the best part is — they’ll find them super helpful.

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An Insulated Banana Keeper Bag For More Than Bananas

This adorable little banana keeper bag comes in yellow to match your bananas or in green to match your leafy green veggies. It’s insulated with aluminum film to prevent over-ripening and is super airtight with the drawstring. This is an easy way to slow down the ripening process of your bananas for up to two weeks.


This Beer Mitten That Keeps Your Hand Warm & Your Drink Cold

This cozy beer mitten is perfect for outdoor parties and tailgating. The mitten keeps your hand warm but has a separate attached compartment for holding your beer (or canned drink of choice). The striped pattern comes in red, green, and variations of navy blue, and multiple reviewers have reported they love this for chilly football games.


A Mini Fire Pit Built For Campfires On The Go

This mini fire pit measures 4 inches across and weighs only 13 ounces, so it’s easy to stash in a bag. Think of it as an on-the-go campfire that you can take anywhere and easily pack. The flame lasts for up to three hours and lights with a single match, and the lid helps you put out the fire when you’re done enjoying it.


This Hand-Blown Candy Bowl That Looks Like An Unzipped Bag

This durable, hand-made glass candy bowl is a unique gift — or countertop decor piece for your own kitchen. It’s made from hand-blown borosilicate glass and looks just like an unzipped snack bag. It’s dishwasher-safe, and many reviewers have even reported using it as a fishbowl for their small aquatic pets.


A Weather-Predicting Instrument That’s Shaped Like A Cloud

This weather-predicting instrument is a cool addition to your windowsill with its storm cloud design and sleek wooden base. The cloud itself is filled with a unique liquid that crystallizes depending on how cloudy, stormy, or sunny the day will be, making it a fun gift for the amateur meteorologist in your life.


These Food Savers That Hug Your Avocados & Keep Them Green

For less than the price of lunch, you get two sizes of these avocado food savers that hug your avocado halves and keep them green. The BPA-free silicone grips to the avocado, and each saver even has a unique pocket design that pops out if you don’t have time to remove the pit before storing.


This Bedside Caddy With Zero Installation & Faux Leather Accents

So many reviewers love using this bedside caddy as a compact storage option if their space doesn’t have enough room for a nightstand. It comes in two shades of gray, and you can slide it right under the mattress, or — if you’re hanging out in the living room — under your sofa cushion to hold your remote. It comes in multiple sizes, including a larger style with a unique tissue box pocket.


These Stretchy Discs That Strengthen Your Hands

Even if your hands get super strong using these finger exercisers, you won’t break them because they’re made of durable latex-free material that won’t split or tear. This three-pack has color-coded light, medium, and firm tension levels, and one reviewer called them “clever” and “useful.”


This Burt’s Bees Gift Set For Moisturized Lips, Hands & Feet

This Burt’s Bees gift set is filled with fan-favorite moisturizing products that are already wrapped in an adorable bee-themed gift box. For an amazing price, this set includes two hand creams, foot cream, lip balm, hand salve, and cuticle cream. One reviewer raved, “It all smells good and is natural. What more could I ask for?”


This 30-Pack Of Collagen Eye Masks Made With Real Gold

So many reviewers can’t stop talking about how these collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C eye masks leave their skin so soft. Even better, they’re infused with 24-karat gold to improve circulation and expel toxins. This 30-pack even has over 1,500 five-star ratings, with reviewers regularly stocking up on them for gifts.


A Natural Brown Sugar Body Scrub In A Chic Container

Instead of covering it up with wrapping paper, you might want to just wrap a bow around this brown sugar body scrub that comes in a chic container. It exfoliates with 100% natural brown sugar and glycolic acid to leave skin soft and smooth, while the addition of sweet almond oil deeply quenches dry skin.


A Styling Tool That Works As Both A Straightener & A Curling Iron

This two-in-one hair styler is for everyone on your list because it gives your recipient the option of curling or straighten their hair, depending on how they use it. The styling tool has five heat settings up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and an ionic generator that prevents frizz while enhancing shine.


This Semi-Permanent Hair Dye That Comes In 11 Bold Colors

This bold semi-permanent hair dye comes in unicorn-worthy colors like green, purple, pink, and dark teal, and one reviewer loved their result so much they called it “mermaid-worthy.” The cruelty-free formula is free of peroxide and ammonia, and it’s packaged in a fun jar with a holographic label that makes it feel more like a unique gift instead of basic boxed hair dye


These Foodie Dice That Help You Decide What To Have For Dinner

If you hate meal planning, this foodie dice game means you’re not in it alone. Grab your new meal planning best friend — five wooden dice that are covered in different proteins and vegetables — and let them help you decide what to cook (or order) for dinner. The set includes dice with cooking methods, seasonally appropriate produce, grains, proteins, and bonus ingredients.


A Fully Customizable Pet Necklace That Includes A Portrait

Click “customize” before checking out with this pendant necklace because you can personalize it with your pet’s portrait and their name. It comes in three colors, and one reviewer raved, “The product was just as described, and beautifully done! It is worth the price and will make for a great gift.”


The Personalized Star Map That Commemorates Important Dates

A beautiful and personalized gift, this star map can be customized to portray the night sky on a specific night of your choosing (think: anniversaries and birthdays). Printed on premium paper, it also displays a title, date, and location, and comes in your choice of three sizes and three fonts. One reviewer even documented a friend’s retirement with this constellation gift.


This Candle That Looks Like A Bowl Of Lucky Charms

This cereal bowl candle comes with a reusable glass bowl and even a metal spoon. Plus, the cereal decorations come in a pack that lets you customize and place them exactly how you want them. You can choose from different types of cereal, or opt for soup, candy, a yogurt bowl, and even a glass mug with pink floating flowers.


A Colorful To-Go Container That Prevents A Soggy Sub Sandwich

This crush-proof and waterproof sandwich container prevents soggy sub sandwiches, and it comes with two attachments, so you can fit either a 6- or 12-inch sub inside. It’s dishwasher-safe and comes in fun colors like blue, pink, and gray, so everyone in the family knows which sub is theirs.


The Water Bottle With Time Markers To Encourage You To Hydrate

This water bottle features time markings and super encouraging affirmations to keep you on your daily water-drinking schedule. On top of getting you to drink enough water, this 64-ounce bottle is shatterproof, BPA-free, and comes with a leakproof lid and carrying handle. It comes in 11 colors, including two gradient options.


These Clay Face Mask Sticks That Offer Mess-Free Application

The best part about these unique clay face masks sticks is that you can apply them like a balm to your face, then pop the caps back on to reseal — no need to get your hands dirty. The duo includes a green tea mask and an eggplant mask, which work to purify skin, control oil, and prevent clogged pores and acne. One reviewer wrote, “Easy to use and easy to remove- excellent price and your skin feels incredibly clean and looks fantastic.”


A Veggie Spiralizer That Comes With 5 Different Blades

One reviewer raved that this five-blade spiralizer makes vegetables look “better than you get in fancy restaurants.” Another reviewer even raved that it saved them money because they stopped buying “outrageously expensive” pre-spiralized veggies. It’s easy to disassemble for the dishwasher, it suctions to your counter, and it even comes with four five different blades, so you can create spirals and ribbons of all kinds.


These Filtering Straws For Loose-Leaf Tea & Yerba Mate

If you have a loose-leaf tea drinker in your life, this pack of stainless steel straws is a great buy — they have built-in filters at the bottom that keep any leaves at bay. They come in a two-pack, are complete with removable heat-resistant silicone tips and two scrubbing brushes. One reviewer called these a “must have for a tea drinker.”


A Murder Mystery Game With Over A Thousand Fans

This isn’t a quick and simple murder mystery game because it has over 50 evidence and photo documents, three mysteries, and plenty of reviews that say it takes a couple hours to play (but it’s so fun, it’s totally worth it). One reviewer raved, “I loved these! Definitely a great gift and perfect for a party or girls night!!”


This Faux Leather Book That’s Actually A Place To Hide Valuables

Grab two or three of these faux books with a vintage-style faux leather design to hide away small items right there on your bookshelf. It has gold-tone “pages,” and one reviewer loved that it matches the “old library/study” look of their office where they use it to keep receipts and bills.


A Set of 4 Invisible Floating Shelves For A Minimalist Design Accent

These invisible floating shelves create a modern and minimalist bookshelf wall, but many reviewers also love them for displaying plants and small decor items. They come in a four-pack in your choice black or white, and one reviewer raved, “Everyone always asks about them and where I got them. Great buy! Would also make a great gift for avid readers.”


These Grilling Skewers & Kebab Baskets That Prevent Lost Veggies

Keep shrimp, veggies, and meat from falling between the grill grates with this pack of skewers and kebab baskets. If you want to go traditional, grab the two skewers and spear your ingredients, but for a convenient upgrade, pop open one of the four wood-handled baskets and place your food inside — they’re perfect for for smaller proteins and vegetables that might otherwise fall off a skewer.


A Weighted Eye Mask Made From Real Jade Stones

This reusable eye mask is weighted and cooling to promote relaxation, and it’s even more soothing if you keep it in the refrigerator. The mask is made from 100% natural jade stones, complete with a beaded trim. Keep this in the fridge and use it when you have puffy eyes, sinus issues, a headache, or eyestrain after a long day of work.


These Cooling Facial Tools That One Reviewer Called “Magical”

These compact and cooling stainless steel facial tools are perfect for an at-home spa day, and each one has a unique gel inside that keeps them super cold. Run them along your face to reduce swelling, tighten pores, and ease irritation. They can also be used to chill down a glass of wine fast.


An Oil-Absorbing Stick That’s More Eco-Friendly Than Blotting Sheets

Instead of buying, using, and throwing away oil-blotting sheets, grab this reusable oil-absorbing roller from REVLON. It’s made from absorbent volcanic stone, which reduces shine and mattifies skin. It can be used with makeup or on a bare face, and you can pop the roller out and wash it with gentle soap for a refresh.


This Ceramic Garlic Baker For Fresh-Roasted Garlic

This ceramic garlic baker makes it easy to season and roast fresh garlic, and it’s both oven- and microwave-safe. Just place your garlic bulbs inside the glazed interior and pop in the oven. Made from terra cotta, it has a garlic-shaped handle, so it looks super nice on your kitchen counter when you’re not using it.


A 6-Pack Of Terra Cotta Stakes That Water Plants For You

These terra cotta plant-watering stakes are perfect as a gift for plant parents who are frequently out of town — or for anyone lacking a green thumb. After placing a stake in the soil, just fill an old wine bottle with water and insert it upside down into the stake. Water will slowly be released into the soil through the terra cotta, keeping the plant happy and hydrated.


The Ceramic Butter Holder With A Lid That Doubles As A Cutting Board

This ceramic butter dish keeps butter nice and cold, and when you’re ready to serve breakfast or dinner, you can flip it over and use the wooden lid as a cutting board for slicing. The lid also has a small cutout for storing the included butter knife, and this dish comes in six colors like white, turquoise, and red.


This Versatile Egg Maker For Sandwiches Or Egg Bites

This compact egg maker comes with one large nonstick silicone cup for egg sandwiches and four small cups for those delicious little egg bites you see at coffee shops. It has over 5,500 five-star ratings, comes in three colors, and one reviewer raved, “It is easy and quick, plus you can make cheesecake bites with this!”


The Unique Cookie Tin That Makes Cookie Shot Glasses

This Wilton cookie tray makes the most unique shot glass-shaped cookies that you can then fill with milk, frosting, or ice cream. One reviewer wrote, “I used any kind of cookie recipe and fill this cup with mousse or pudding.” It comes with matching dishwasher-safe cups that fit inside each cookie mold to create the fun shape.


A Roll-Up Mat That Saves Puzzles With Up To 1,500 Pieces

Lay down this puzzle mat on the table before you start your next big puzzle project because if you don’t finish, you can roll it up without messing up your progress. The mat is made of soft felt and comes with an inflatable tube that helps gently hold all the pieces in place.


This Immersion Blender For Soups, Sauces, Eggs & More

An immersion blender is one of the most versatile kitchen tools there is, and any amateur or experienced chef would love it. The nine-speed blender can be used to puree soup, whip cream, blend sauces, beat eggs, and more. The best part? You don’t have to transfer ingredients to a blending jar. Along with a blending stick, it comes with an egg whisk and milk frother.


A 3-Pack Of Self-Draining Soap Dishes That Prevent Mushy Soap

For a wallet-friendly price, you can pop these silicone soap dishes next to at least three of your sinks (or just have two backups under your counter). With grippy ridges on the bottom, the flexible dishes won’t slip off your counter, and the funnel on each one allows water to drain right into the sink, so the bar of soap won’t get soggy.


This Baking Pan With Dividers That Makes Pre-Sliced Brownies

Made of 100% BPA-free carbon steel, this unique baking tray is designed for baking pre-cut brownies, so everyone gets an equal-size piece. Plus, the divider means each brownie bakes separately, so they’re basically all corner pieces — the obvious choice for the best piece.


A 5-Pack Of Reusable Straws That Are Actually Easy To Clean

This five-pack of BPA-free reusable plastic straws has finally solved the cleaning problem. These straws snap apart, so you can rinse the inside or place them in the dishwasher. The set comes in muted neutrals or a brightly colored pack.


These Magnetic Bookmarks In Pretty Pastels

These sleek and minimalist bookmarks clip onto the pages with magnets, holding your spot without damage. They’re small enough to not block any text, and they come in the best pastel shades — and you can choose the color combination you like most (there are more than a handful to choose from).


A Microwavable Pasta Cooker That Reviewers Call “Easy” & “Fantastic”

This pasta maker frees up stove space for your pasta sauce while your noodles cooks in the microwave in only 12 to 13 minutes. With more than 1,000 five-star ratings, it’s dishwasher-safe and has a unique design that won’t boil over. One reviewer raved, “Makes perfect al dente pasta, and the holes in the lid make for easy measuring.”


This Tortilla Press For Next-Level Tacos & Burritos

This aluminum tortilla press has over 4,000 five-star ratings, and some reviewers love it so much, they use it every day. It’s a breeze to use — just have some fresh masa on hand and press down. Plus, the silver-tone finish looks super nice displayed in your kitchen.


This Silicone Oven Rack Puller That Keeps Hands Away From Heat

Keep your hands safe when baking with this silicone oven tool that’s designed to help you slide trays into place or even pull out your oven rack. Plus, this go-to helper for extra baking safety is heat-resistant up to 645 degrees Fahrenheit and has a hanging hook for storage.


This Ultimate Bathroom Or Kitchen Drying Rack

Pop this drying rack next to your bathroom or kitchen sink for your linens, sponges, dishcloths, and more. Along with three racks and a tray, it has an easy-to-empty drain pan on the bottom that keeps water from pooling everywhere.


A Foldable Bamboo Toilet Stool That Looks Way Nicer Than Most

This toilet stool folds up when you’re not using it, allowing you to stash it away, but the bamboo finish makes it look way nicer than most, so you might not even mind keeping it on display. The stool fits around your toilet, and it comes in light wood, dark wood, and white finishes.


This Sleek Waterproof Phone Mount With A Touch Screen-Sensitive Window

Mount this waterproof phone holder to your shower wall or kitchen backsplash because it has a strong seal you can rely on and is 100% leakproof. Plus, you can still use your phone to text, scroll through your recipe, or change your YouTube video, and the design is super elevated and sleek.


The Toilet Paper Holder With A Hidden Spot For Wipes

Tuck away your flushable wipes in a unique hidden spot at the top of this sleek stainless steel toilet paper holder. The lid of the secret compartment also doubles as a shelf, and if a silver finish doesn’t match your bathroom vibes, it also comes in black, gold, polished chrome, and even a large size to fit extra wipes.


A DIY Glass Terrarium Kit For Plants Or Whimsical Decor

Minus the plant, this terrarium kit comes with everything you need to create a mini landscape, including organic soil, polished river rocks, sheet moss that doesn’t need water, polished river rock, and even activated charcoal. Add your favorite succulents (or maybe a few figurines!) for whimsical greenery decoration that’s easy to care for.


This 12-Pack Of Reusable Bags For Big Errand Runs

This 12-pack of reusable and washable nylon bags comes with multiple prints and colors, so you can separate and color-coordinate all of your groceries. You can choose from an animal pattern pack or a turquoise and gray printed pack. Plus, these large bags hold up to 50 pounds each and come in a zippered carrying case.


These Sleek Matte Black Coasters That Absorb Condensation

This pack of matte black coasters comes with a minimalist matching holder, and the best part is — they absorb the condensation from your glass. What that means is that instead of liquid pooling on top, these coasters hold the moisture in. Plus, they air dry on their own, and you can wash them in the dishwasher.


These Slim Spice Shaker Jars With An Organizing Case

The lids of these super slim spice jars have a unique sliding design that allows you to either shake or pour out the spices. Made from BPA-free acrylic, the six jars come with an organizing container, so you can easily move the whole set from your cabinet to your kitchen table for serving. Use these for your most frequently used spices (hello, red pepper flakes).


A Bath Bomb With A Rare Cash Present Inside

This colorful bath bomb present comes with the extra surprise of a rare two-dollar bill inside (and sometimes more money if you’re lucky). Plus, the bath bomb comes in your choice of 13 luxe colors and scents like a cafe latte, sweet pea, and lavender and chamomile.


This 2-Pack Of Heat-Resistant Mats With So Many Uses

Choose from six colors, including classic white and even bold purple, in this two-pack of multipurpose silicone microwave mats. Perfect as trivets, grabbing hot items, or as covers for preventing microwave splatter, they’re heat-resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, BPA-free, and have nonslip bottoms. One reviewer raved, “I use these every. single. day, I’m not kidding.”


These Oven-Safe Soup Bowls With Serving & Sipping Handles

A dream for French onion soup, these porcelain soup bowls are oven-safe for melting the cheese on top of the bread. Also perfect for any other type of soup or oatmeal, they come in colors like red, navy, and turquoise. Plus, thanks to two small holes that allow for drainage, the durable handles on won’t hold water after a cycle in the dishwasher.


These Extra-Compact Wine Stands That Prevent Premature Aging

These extra-compact wine bottle stands allow you to store the bottles horizontally, which can help keep the cork from drying out — which also helps prevent prematures aging. They don’t take up a lot of storage space, so they’re perfect for those one or two bottles you’re saving for a special occasion.


This 5-Pack Of Self-Warming Eye Masks With A Magical Star Print

Relax with these dreamy star print eye masks that self-warm to soothe tired, irritated eyes. Each one only takes 30 seconds to heat up and will stay warm for up to 20 minutes. Plus the ear loops guarantee your relaxation isn’t disturbed by your mask falling off. One reviewer raved, “These are a holy grail item for me. Dry eyes. Headaches. Spa moments.”


A Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper That Prevents Spills

Use this Rachael Ray bench scraper for all kinds of kitchen tasks, like cutting pastry and scooping up chopped veggies. Made from stainless steel, it has extra-tall sides that prevent spills as you transfer ingredients. The comfortable ribbed handle comes in red, purple, gray, and three shades of blue.


This Adorable Dog Bath Brush With A Built-In Spot For Soap

Fill the top of this adorable paw-shaped dog bath brush with your pooch’s favorite shampoo before bath time, and it will dispense it as you wash. The brush bristles are made of soft silicone, making it easier to remove loose fur and massage your pup as you bathe. One reviewer raved, “It was easy to use, and my dogs loved it.”


A Flat Whisk That Beats The Traditional Style

One major perk of the unique design of this stainless steel flat whisk is that it’s easier to hand-wash than a traditional whisk. Some reviewers even say that it’s much more efficient, and one even wrote, “It is SO much better than a regular whisk, especially with eggs. I actually get excited every time I get to use it.” Use this for stirring batter, blending cream, mixing sauces, and more.


These Memory Foam Slippers With Cozy Sweater-Like Uppers

Grab these memory foam slippers lined in plush sherpa with uppers that look just like your favorite sweater. The machine-washable slippers have durable nonslip soles, and one reviewer raved, “They are perfectly form-fitted to my foot now and have so much support. Hard enough sole to take the dog outside in the morning. Good quality.”

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