Growing your Biceps

5 Tips for Growing your Biceps

The biceps has always been a symbol of fitness and strength, a muscle that can benefit substantially in your strength training; you just need to follow these tips:

  1. It is a small muscle; therefore it is always involved with the work of its agonist large muscle group, the dorsal. Includes chins close grip with the palms facing you and the width of your shoulders. You can apply large loads and exceed the threshold of stimulation for your body to subsequently induce anabolic phase of increased muscle mass.
  1. Select exercises varied. In the same session using dumbbells, bar and pulleys to “attack” its two muscular in all positions.
  1. From time to time exercise series includes a “down”; 4 series x (3 x 6 rep declines.). This type of work recruits those fibers that are never activated. We strongly recommend a low pulley, select a load to get to 6 reps reaching the limit, without stopping the load down quickly for another 6 coming back to the bug and finally back down the load for the last 6 reps, rest 2 minutes and repeat all four series. You’ll notice how your biceps burn and blood accumulates in the muscle to meet the principle of muscle congestion.
  1. Do not forget to include concentrated curl one hand, the best isolation exercise the biceps muscle performed two joint movements, elbow flexion and forearm supination. Perform this movement slowly and controlled with a moderate load and keep active contraction at the point of maximum bending. Make the eccentric phase of a slow down also in the negative phase of the movement is when you acquire the highest levels of strength.
  1. Finally, if you are looking for strength and volume, forget the endless exercises and sets, and will not grow, will achieve just fatigue and even injury. It is always best to bet on the strength, hypertrophy is a matter of working with high intensity. We recommend that for this muscle only, include two fiscal years and about 8 or 10 series, used in the first year a pyramid and the second a conventional serial or descending order.

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