37 Winter Date Ideas to Heat Things Up

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Cold weather doesn’t have to put a damper on your romantic life. Don’t believe us? Just scroll through and take your pick from our roundup of winter date ideas—we promise you’ll find a way to heat things up, be it with a steaming hot dance class, a sentimental scrapbooking project […]

Cold weather doesn’t have to put a damper on your romantic life. Don’t believe us? Just scroll through and take your pick from our roundup of winter date ideas—we promise you’ll find a way to heat things up, be it with a steaming hot dance class, a sentimental scrapbooking project or something else entirely.

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Hit up a local ice skating rink and give this tried-and-true winter activity a go. Best of all, you don’t need to be a seasoned skater to have a blast with this one; in fact, the more uncoordinated you and your love interest are on skates, the more you’ll need to hold on to each other. Let’s call this one an ice breaker.

Decorations, good eats, and charming gifts are among the offerings at pop-up holiday markets—yep, it’s a veritable sensory smorgasbord with a festive feel. Take a romantic stroll through one with someone special this winter, and you’ll be showing up for local businesses and walking away full of cheer.

If you and your significant other are suffering the effects of a sedentary winter routine, it’s probably time to get back out in the fresh air together. Head to the woods or a local park for a hike and you’ll both get your blood pumping, whilst taking in the oh-so romantic scenery that is winter wonderland.

So what if your swimsuit is in storage? You won’t need it to enjoy the beach with your beau during the winter months, when the coastline—finally not overpopulated with sunbathers—is actually the perfect place for an intimate walk.

It’s easy to spend too much time in front of the tube when the temperature drops, but that doesn’t mean you have to rule out movie night as a romantic date option. Instead, make it purposeful by picking a theme with your S.O. and planning a meal to match. (Think: A Fellini film and take-out from your favorite fancy Italian joint.) With a little extra effort, Netflix and chill will actually feel special again.

Ah, wine—how we love thee. You warm us up when it’s cold outside and bring color back to our cheeks when it feels like we haven’t seen the sun in months. That said, if drinking wine at home sounds like more of a daily ritual than a special date, we suggest you hit up a local winery and learn a thing or two while you imbibe for a whole new shared experience.

One of the best kinds of dates is one in which you both set aside the smartphones in favor of some tech-free fun together—and an easy way to accomplish this is with a couple’s game night. Whether you make it a group date or keep it intimate, you’ll be delighted by how much you enjoy each other’s company with little more than a deck of cards or a stack of board games.

Treat yourselves to a spa treatment or two for an intimate date that promises to leave you both feeling pampered and cared for. You can spring for a couple’s massage, or other service, at a nearby day spa or you can score some products and experience the pampering from the comfort of your own pad—either way the rest and relaxation will be a recipe for romance.

Being cooped up inside during the frigid winter months is enough to make anyone pine for a vacation. Even if a trip to the tropics isn’t in the cards at the moment, fleshing out a shared fantasy with your S.O. by planning a future getaway is sure to bring you closer…and it’s also just fun.

Spice things up with a little bit of adventure this winter season by hitting the slopes with someone special for a snow tubing session. Unlike tandem skydiving, this adrenaline-fueled outdoor activity requires zero preparation and won’t trigger anyone’s fear of heights. Plus, the high-speed thrill will give you something to talk about for quite a while.

Research suggests that giving back through volunteer work boasts a whole host of mental health benefits and increases one’s general sense of well-being. Bring a partner with you for some community service and you’ll both reap the rewards while sharing a meaningful bonding experience to boot.

Grab your sweetie for a tour of your neighborhood or town center’s seasonal light displays for an intimate stroll that’s guaranteed to fill you both with a sense of wonder and holiday spirit. Don’t forget to bring a hot beverage if you’re going on foot—and, by all means, make it a driving tour if the weather is too frosty.

In case you missed it, bowling is an ideal and decidedly laidback opportunity for socializing—and in some cases, a group activity and a few beers is all you need to rekindle the spark with your S.O. In other words, if you’ve been holed up together for too long this winter, hit the bowling alley and you’ll be back to the honeymoon phase in no time. Bonus: Bowling is also an excellent way to avoid an awkward first date, for all the same reasons.

Gooey cheese, molten chocolate…the decadence of a fondue dinner is hard to match, and when it comes to winter meals, we’re all about indulging. But rather than wasting your time at a fussy restaurant, we suggest you make fondue for a deliciously sensual dining experience.

If you’re looking for something more original than the standard dinner-and-a-movie date, consider the performing arts. Dress up and take a trip to the local playhouse for a date that promises not only a (much-needed) night out on the town, but also an opportunity to soak up some culture and discuss the shared experience after.

Sure, a light, frosty beer is a go-to adult beverage in the warmer months—but a tour and tasting at your local brewery will introduce you to a whole new world. Plan a visit and you’ll be feeling warm and toasty after sampling rich porters, stouts and pleasantly spiced Christmas ales with your boo.

Live music is an undeniably special experience, especially when you can share it with someone who digs the band as much as you do. Score some ticks to a concert and the date will be one that you and your S.O. remember for years to come.

If you’ve ever seen Dirty Dancing, you’re well aware of the romantic potential here. Heat things up with your partner by signing up for a virtual or in-person dance class. No matter your skill level, with some instruction, you’ll be ready to samba off into the sunset together.

Regular rock climbing is a whole thing—there’s training involved and, of course, the elements to contend with. Indoor rock climbing, on the other hand, is a perfect way for couples to enjoy a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout, while getting a (sexy) burst of adrenaline to boot.

The department stores in the shopping district go all out over the holidays, so don’t miss the opportunity to see some dazzling displays with your S.O. Needless to say, you might as well take advantage of all the seasonal sales and start whittling away at that list of holiday gifts you’ve yet to buy while you’re sightseeing.

A little fast-paced gaming action and friendly competition is a surefire way to keep things exciting on a date with someone you’re sweet on—just plug in the PlayStation and cozy up together on the couch. Easy peasy.

Jigsaw puzzles are a stimulating and soothing way to engage in a mutual activity with your partner when winter starts making you feel bored with, well, everything. Work as a team on one for quality time—and remember, they don’t need to be completed in one go, so you can make the entertainment last.

Steamy stuff goes down in the kitchen…in more ways than one. Don your matching aprons and get messy with an ambitious cooking project that takes two sets of hands to accomplish. Both the joint effort and the delicious dinner will pay dividends. (Psst: Here are some dinner recipes for two to get you started.)

Grab your honey and head to the nearest antique shop, flea market or thrift store to see if the two of you can scout out something truly special. Even if you return home empty-handed (unlikely), you’ll still have benefited from the shared mission and the time spent together.

Bust out the crafting supplies and explore your creativity as a couple while waxing romantic over precious memories from seasons past. A sweet and sentimental scrapbooking project will bring you and your beau closer, while keeping the wintertime blues (and boredom) at bay.

After all that turkey and dessert, you may be packing up some extra pounds (hey, no judgement). The good news is you can work off those extra holiday calories and spice up your romantic life with an indoor exercise class for couples—either in person or online. It’s a hot, sweaty date that will bring you one step closer to achieving your New Year’s resolution.

Binge-watching The Great British Baking Show was a wonderful standing date…but it’s not even January yet, and you’re out of episodes. The solution? Recreate the competition in your own kitchen with a (low-stakes) bake-off with your boo. Sure, it will be messy, but the reward will be sweet.

Skip the shoveled and salted sidewalks of your hood and venture out into the snowy frontier instead for a more interesting walk for two. Snowshoeing requires some special gear (i.e., snowshoes) but it’s a novel and romantic way to explore the path less traveled with your partner.

Is there anything more seasonally appropriate than cozying up in a carriage that boasts room for two while you sit back and take in the sights of the winter wonderland around you? No, there is not. Bring warm (possibly spiked) beverages and a blanket along for the ride and you’ve got the makings of an oh-so romantic date.

What better way to bond with your boo than to bend your bodies into pretzels whilst discovering a sense of inner peace? Yep, couples yoga has romance written all over it—and both parties will benefit from the sense of calm the activity inspires. Best of all, you can namast(ay) right in your home for this one since there’s no shortage of virtual yoga classes for couples to enjoy.

Whether you’re playing on a video game console or a good ol’ fashioned board, gaming time is a great way to spend a date. That said, if you’re looking for a form of entertainment that takes you outside your home, a trip to a local arcade will provide all the perks of game night with a change of scenery to boot.

Sporting events of any kind make for fresh, exciting date nights—but in the winter, hockey is a no-brainer. It’s worth noting that the air temperature in the venue will likely be between 50 and 60 degrees—probably warmer than the winter weather outside, but just the right temperature for hot cocoa and cuddling, nevertheless.

The aquarium—a dimly lit space with tranquil blue-green tones and tons of fascinating marine life—is a serene destination for a date. Plus, most exhibits are indoors, so you can see the fishes without freezing your butt off.

In wintertime hearty food is on the menu, and your Crockpot has been doing overtime. Give your trusty kitchen appliance a break and treat yourself to a day-long tour of the best eateries your town has to offer—just make sure to bring along someone who will appreciate the good eats as much as you do.

Fun fact: Research has shown that couples who laugh together, stay together. As such, you might as well lay the foundation for romantic success by bringing your date to a stand-up comedy show. Of course, the acts can be hit-or-miss, but we think it’s a risk worth taking.

Laugh in the face of winter with a wild date in the form of the famed polar bear plunge, which consists of braving ice cold waters in the dead of winter. Frankly, it sounds rather unpleasant, but fans of the event say it gives you a rush you won’t soon forget. Plus, if you bring a date along for the shenanigans, you can at least rest assured that there will be someone around to warm you up after.

If you’re craving some excitement and stimulation while stuck inside, a virtual escape room might be just what the doctor ordered. This relatively new type of computer game—web-based phenomenon that’s all about team-building—requires players to work together to solve puzzles in order to secure their mutual fate. (Yep, this is the stuff of bonding.)

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