23 Things That’ll Actually Make Fall Yard Work Way Easier

Emilee Geist

From foliage to fall flowers, this post has got you covered. We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you […]

From foliage to fall flowers, this post has got you covered.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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A set of helpful leaf scoopers to pick up huge handfuls of leaves and other annoyances that are cluttering up precious space in your yard. Reviewers say these are way easier to use than raking!


Promising review: “This makes getting all those leaf piles cleaned up so much easier and less messy!! Honestly — we have a ton of trees in our yard, and so so so many leaves, we can never keep up with it — but this helps!” —You’re not my real dad

Get them from Amazon for $20.99.


And a two-pack of durable yard bags with handles that’ll take much of the work out of lugging leaf piles to the compost or curb.


Promising review: “These are great for loading up and hauling leaves. We’d been using large leaf bags and sometimes 30-gallon garbage cans. These are bigger, more durable and less annoying than the leaf bags and take up way less space than the 30-gallon garbage cans. They’re easy to set up, stay open when we’re dumping the leaves in, are easy to lift into a vehicle to haul to compost, and they fold up nicely when done. When my husband was out in the yard using them the other day, the neighbor came over to ask where he got them and said they look exactly like what he’s looking for. They were definitely what we were looking for, and we will likely order another set.” —DSD

Get them from Amazon for $21.99. 


A live autumn sunset mum starter plant so you can enjoy watching these beautiful flowers bloom in your very own backyard!

Piano Farm Store / Via Etsy

Piano Farm Store is an online farm and garden store offering live starter plants such as multicolor mums, Rhonda mums, and Ursula lavender. 

Promising review: “Came quickly and very nicely packaged. The plants look very healthy!” —Theresa Beiter

Get it from Piano Farm Store on Etsy for $11.99.


And a set of rustic wooden planters to grow all your fall flowers in.


Promising review: “These little planters are so pretty! They are perfect for succulents or small flowers and can be used indoors or outdoors. They don’t have a drainage hole but I was able to easily drill one in the bottom. Each one has handles on both sides. You could use these for decorations at birthdays, baby showers, etc., or for decor in the home with faux flowers, and many other things. I was really happy with them.” —LadyTsotsos_Beauty

Get three from Amazon for $37.99.


A basic sturdy tool set designed to dig into soil without bends or breaks getting in your way.


Promising review: “Purchased these since several other brands/types that I’ve used over the years just bend when any pressure from digging is done. If you want something that can dig in regular soil rather than potting blend — these are for you.” —Joe in MO

Get it from Amazon for $19.80.


A leaf blower to clear leaves from your lawn, patio, driveway, and walkways. It’s lightweight yet strong enough to get the job done.


Promising review: “I didn’t expect such a powerful blower at this price. I have a large front and backyard and needed a blower that was powerful but lightweight (arthritis), and this delivered beyond my expectations. Great product and great price.” —Kristina, USA buyer

Get it from Amazon for $29.


And a leaf blower and weed trimmer set for anyone in need of leaf-pile-destroying action at three different speeds, plus all the power you need to keep the yard weed free!


Promising review: “Highly impressed. I had always used gas-powered equipment but this year I was having too many issues with them. I have about 1/4 acre of thick Bermuda grass. I have enough power to weed-eat the front and back, edge the front, and blow it all, with still about a third of battery life remaining. The power is every bit as good as my gas trimmer and blower. The blower is handy because it has three different speed settings. Put the battery in and pull the trigger and it’s that easy. Charging doesn’t take that long either, I was expecting much longer. Everything is sturdy and seems well built. I couldn’t be happier.” —Brant B

Get it from Amazon for $286.03.


Mole, vole, and groundhog repellent solar stakes reviewers swear by for getting rid of those pesky, underground varmints the chemical-free way!


Promising review: “We are planning a big garden for this year and already have noticed moles around my greenhouse. We got these to ward off any potential underground vegetable thieves. These emit a high-frequency sound that only rodents can hear that sends them away. They are solar-powered and charge through the day while they work to keep varmints out, and at night they work from the stored-up solar power. These are thick and durable plastic. They are simple to use. These are an affordable and safe way to get rid of pesky rodents without dangerous chemicals.” —Amanda & Desiree

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $19.99.


A pair of breathable gardening gloves to protect your hands from dirt and debris as you prune, weed, and rake.


Promising review: “Snug fit, very dextrous. I feel very protected from wet soil and yard debris (probably not thorns — haven’t pushed it). I really love these gloves for gardening and even for light construction, like sanding wood. Grip’s really good and helps me get my hands dirty when I don’t really feel like it. No need for a nail brush after gardening with these gloves.” —Delayed Gratification

Get them from Amazon for $11.04 (available in sizes S–XXL).


A pack of strong bamboo garden stakes reviewers say really last and come in a variety of thicknesses to help your pumpkins and plants grow throughout their many stages.


Promising review: “These arrived just in time! I overplanted with tomatoes (beefy, roma, and cherry) this year in the garden, and with the way they were still growing I splurged on the 6-foot stakes — and boy did we need them! Strong and sturdy, these fit the bill well. The thicknesses differ slightly within the bundles, too, which is perfect for using them with different plants/stages of growth, too, as the plants need more or less support. They also provided excellent perches for the birds that flew in to enjoy the sunflowers I’d planted nearby — so from both the human and animal words, we give these bamboo stakes an A+!! After using them for a season, they are also still very strong and have little if any signs of weakening in the bottom foot that I’d pushed into the ground, which means I will be able to get multiple years out of them, even though my soil isn’t the best draining — one of the best garden investments I have made in a long time for sure!” —JJ

Get a 25-pack from Amazon for $31.49.


A set of rakes and a leaf dustpan bag that’ll handle the number of leaves piling up in your yard at this very moment, so the whole fam can get in on clearing the lawn.

the rake and dustpan bag

This rake adjusts from 43-inch to 57-inch length by connecting different numbers of tubes, so you don’t have to bend over so much to reach those leaves.  

Promising review: “This yard set is AMAZING!! Very sturdy rake, bag, and gloves!!!” —judy stillings

Get it from Amazon for $31.99.


A rake with steel tines designed to clear every last leaf from the bushes by allowing the stems to pass between tines unharmed. It can also move sticks, twigs, grinder chips, bark, mulch, and more!


Promising review: “OMG. This rake is awesome! We have been cleaning a piece of property that has never been raked or cleared and it has layer upon layer upon layer of leaves, pine, straw, sticks, and vines and this rake does an amazing job of pulling up old sticks etc. out of the ground. It rakes leaves or whatever you need beautifully! Whenever the rake arrived and we put it together it was so light I didn’t think it would handle what I needed it to do but I give it a chance and all I can say is WOW. So if you’re hesitant about buying this rake, don’t be — it’s well worth the money and will definitely get the job done!” —Jennifer Lummus

Get it from Amazon for $44.99.


And a leaf tote bag ideal for anyone who has to carry those leaves to the curb for city pick up after you’re done raking.


Promising review: “We have tried different methods for picking up leaves in our yard and all methods were cumbersome. This product does the job so that it’s less cumbersome. The quality of the tarp sheet and Velcro is good. It’s made of durable materials and the size is good and maneuverable for easy pickup of leaves and grass.” —Lavanya

Get it from Amazon for $22.99.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “This soil was fantastic and was perfect for growing maple tree seedlings. They took off and grew like crazy in this rich soil. I would buy it again in a second, and plan to in the future. Two months in and almost every single seedling has come in healthy and strong in this soil. I recently bought a different brand from the Home Depot because I had to get some sprouts planted that day, and couldn’t wait for this to ship, and the results weren’t nearly as good as with the Michigan peat. Extremely happy with the results of the Michigan peat, and am going to buy an extra bag or two to make sure I have extra available for the next time I need it. Highly recommended.” —Daniel R.

Get a 40-pound bag from Amazon for $22.66.


A hose holder that’ll make wrangling the hose back in place easy after watering the pumpkin patch.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “We bought this to organize our pressure washer hose that we have hooked up in the garage when we aren’t using it. It keeps the hose out of the way and isn’t an eye sore. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to keep things tightly and neat.” —Sharie L DeRousse

Get it from Amazon for $11.75.


Promising review: “UE Boom 3 is an amazing small Bluetooth speaker. For its size, the sound is spectacular and can fill a small room, pool area, or picnic. The speaker is waterproof, as well as dust and shock resistant, and can FLOAT. Honestly, for music, audio books, or podcasts and movies, these sound GREAT! You definitely won’t be disappointed with your purchase and will probably end up buying more like I have. They’ll fit in your backpack, clip to a bike or almost anything else, and will sound great.” —Vince V.

Get it from Amazon for $148.74+ (available in three colors).


A soil test kit that’ll ensure your plants thrive by testing your soil for moisture, pH, and light levels in real time. Sounds like the soil will pass the watering test from here on out!


This device has two needles to ensure accuracy and doesn’t require batteries. Just push it 2 to 4 inches into the ground and select what you want to test for.

Promising review: “This device is amazing. I bought it after my gardenia plant wasn’t blooming. I came to realize that I was overwatering, and my plant never recovered. Since then, I’ve taken home two amaryllis plants from work that never ever grew. I replanted them and used this device to make sure that I was watering properly and my plants are thriving! It’s a real plant saver. I even got a monstera as well. And I should note, I usually don’t have a green thumb and kill plants easily!” —Roselle

Get it from Amazon for $12.39.


A monthly Bloomin’ Bin subscription that’ll send you tons of organic, in-season seeds and all the info you need to start growing your own fruits, veggies, and flowers and try different gardening projects.


What you get: Each month you’ll get in-season seeds and instructions, and you can choose from flowers, fruit/veggies, or both. The basic bin gives you seeds and info on how to care from them. The premium bin gives you things like plant food, gardening tips, gardening gear, and projects!

Promising review: “Really love this box (I have both seeds and the big box — like I said, I really love this box). You can’t go wrong with either one. Everything is labeled and they give you great instructions. I have had almost 100% sprouting of my seeds. I like packages that people seem to put a lot of thought into. Thank you for the different gardening ideas and pushes. Love them all so far.” —Anna M.

Get it from Cratejoy for $4.50/month.


A bottle of DEET-free bug spray packed with lemon and eucalyptus scent to help keep the mosquitoes away the natural way.


Promising review: “As someone who must be wearing a sign saying ‘Bite Me’ that is invisible to all but insects, I have struggled to find a reasonably nontoxic repellent that actually works. I walk in a wooded state park three miles every day. Mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and chiggers are common. I have found this product very effective in keeping all pests away. The scent may be too heavy for some, but since the repellent works, I don’t care.” —Perry G. Fisher

Get it from Amazon for $4.97.


And a scent-free mosquito repellent that’ll help rid of those pesky blood-suckers within a 15-foot radius, so you can carry on with your yardwork undisturbed.


This device uses scent-free repellent mats using naturally occurring repellents found in plants to get rid of mosquitoes.

Promising review: “It doesn’t smell. It doesn’t make noise. It doesn’t get hot. It just clears the mosquitos and only mosquitoes! I am the person a mosquito will find from miles away even in my house. The only one they find in a room full of people. I live in a tropical climate and never have a moment’s peace in my garden. I’ve used sprays, foggers, candles, torches, the list goes on. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit on my patio in peace, even the cat was safe. Already ordered another for a friend and put the refills on Subscribe & Save.” —J&J

Get it from Amazon for $19.75+ (available in seven colors, also available in metal).


An electric pressure washer you can use to restore your deck or back patio to the way it looked *before* a mountain of decaying leaves dropped in!

Amazon / Via amazon.com

Promising review: “Power washer was delivered Monday, it’s Wednesday and I have washed two cars, cleaned driveway and sidewalks, cleaned back fence, and the work keeps piling up; everything I see now needs to be cleaned! This little dude does not back down, plenty of power and it’s surprisingly not too loud. Soap dispensers work great, and the tips are easy to change.” —Mar

Get it from Amazon for $126.97.


A pair of heavy-duty, thorn-proof leather work gloves that’ll protect your hands as you rake around the raspberry bushes or pull the weeds out of the rose garden.

GIfts From Gloria / Via Etsy

Gifts From Gloria is a Etsy shop offering every day home goods, gifts, and supplies. 

Promising review: “These are good quality. One size does fit all and these are worth paying a little bit more than Wilkinson’s!” —Alison

Get them from Gifts From Gloria on Etsy for $17.32.


And a curtain of LED lights that’ll light up the areas of your backyard worthy of showing off after all your hard work — ideal for anyone who needs a little extra motivation.

amazon.com, Amazon

Promising review: “Just got the lights last week. We put them up on our outdoor privacy screen. We opted to wrap the screen with the lights rather than just let them dangle down since the screen was shorter than the lights. Looks great during the day and gives a great ambience at night. We love the remote control!” —Donna

Get them from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in two sizes).

Happy raking!

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Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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