21st birthday gift ideas

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Turning 21 is a monumental moment in a person’s life. I won’t say the cliche phrase “you only turn 21 once” … because you only turn every age once. Still, 21 is one of those ages where everyone wants to buy you a drink. It’s the year for drinking, after […]

Turning 21 is a monumental moment in a person’s life. I won’t say the cliche phrase “you only turn 21 once” … because you only turn every age once. Still, 21 is one of those ages where everyone wants to buy you a drink. It’s the year for drinking, after all.

If you’re hosting a birthday party for someone turning 21 or going to a birthday party, there are plenty of themed gifts and decorations you can buy on Etsy. You can expect the party to be full of shots, balloons, and sashes. You can get gifts that are guaranteed to get the whole group a free drink at the bar. Or, you can plan ahead and get one of those hangover kits to be the savior of the celebration. 

21st Birthday Decoration

RIP Fake ID Balloons

21st Birthday Party Balloons




As the philosopher J-Kwon once said, “Teen drinking is very bad… yo, I got a fake ID though.” (Not condoning teen drinking — I just haven’t gotten that song out of my head since I was 13). If you know your friend had a fake ID, this is a necessary decor item to celebrate the occasion.

Personalized Birthday Confetti

Personalised Birthday Confetti




You can buy decorations down to the tiniest detail when you order custom confetti. This isn’t the confetti that’s a nightmare to clean up, either. 

21st Birthday Alcohol Banner

21st Birthday Decorations for him or her




It isn’t a 21st birthday celebration if you don’t include liquor, beer and wine in the decor somehow. You can actually pick from an assortment of whiskeys, rums, gin, wine, or vodka for these banners.

Finally 21 Banner

21st birthday banner




This banner says it all. 

21st Birthday Board

Back in 2000 Sign, 21st Birthday Board




Revisit those “first day of school” vibes with one of these giant poster boards. It’ll be a fun walk down memory lane, as you can include things like the movies and songs that were popular the year they were born. 

Big Leo Energy

21st Birthday Decorations, Big Leo Energy Balloon Banner




For anyone into astrology or the person who just loves to blame their behavior on being a Leo, these balloons are perfect. Not everyone wants the basic “21” balloons for a birthday photoshoot. The mood will be better set with zodiac balloons. Etsy seller Ninalems Party sells these zodiac balloons for all 12 signs.

21st Birthday Party Decorations

21st birthday party decorations black and white




If you can’t be bothered to buy multiple packs of decorations and put them all together for the aesthetic, you don’t have to. They sell kits online for this exact reason. Pro tip: If you’re blowing up more than two balloons, get an air pump.

Cheers to 21 Years Party Decorations

Cheers to 21 Years Party Decoration Set Whiskey Balloons




If you don’t need quite as many balloons, this smaller kit will still be a big birthday hit.

21st birthday gift ideas

Shot Cake

Funny Birthday Gift, Liquor Shot Cake




Everyone wants to buy shots for a person turning 21. You can make sure they get all the shots they could need to celebrate with this shot cake (actual shooters not included – but you can buy those online, too).

21 Mini Liquor Bottle Stand

21st Birthday Gift, Mini Liquor Bottle Stand




If the cake design isn’t your style, this wooden letter stand is a great alternative. You can leave it plain, paint it, or have everyone at the party sign it as a good keepsake for the birthday boy or girl.

Day You Were Born Map

Day You Were Born Star Map, 21st Birthday Gift




The stars aligned to make a perfect person 21 years ago. If you want a heartfelt gift that they’ll cherish for years, go with this constellation art piece.  

Finally 21 Temporary Tattoos

Birthday Party Decorations Finally 21 Temporary Tattoos




If the 21-year-old plans to bar hop to celebrate their birthday, these temporary tattoos will be a hit with the group. Speaking from experience, these temp tattoos are a great conversation starter while out – plus, a great way to get people to buy you a free drink.

QR Code Birthday Shirt

21st Birthday Party Gift, QR code Birthday Shirt




If you want to take it a step further and basically ensure the 21-year-old and the rest of their party crew will get free drinks, these shirts should do the trick. 

Hangover Kit

21st Birthday Hangover Kit




As to be expected, they will have a hangover after celebrating their 21st birthday. Grab this personalized hangover kit pouch (contents not included). You can fill the pouch yourself with things like Advil, Tums, under-eye gels, chapstick, Liquid I.V., and a shot of tequila. 

Go Ahead and ID me 21st Birthday Sash

Satin Birthday Sash



Is it really someone’s 21st birthday if they’re not wearing a sash all night? 

Vinyl Record Framed Print

Vinyl Record Framed Print



For the music lover in your life, you can customize a vinyl print for them to commemorate this special birthday. You can keep it simple with a “happy birthday” message. Or, you can find a specific song that you both love and connect over that would be the perfect soundtrack to celebrate their big day.

Personalized 21st Birthday Memory Book

Personalised 21st Birthday Book | Memory Lane Birthday Gift




If you’re a sentimental gift giver, a memory book will always be the hit gift. You can get really nostalgic and reminisce the last 21 years of that person’s life. 

21st birthday glassware 

21st Birthday Beer Mug

21st Birthday Beer Mug




If you need a common 21st birthday gift to feel like it’s a tradition, you can’t go wrong with a personalized beer mug to commemorate the day.

21st Birthday Wine Glass

Hand Painted Wine Glass Shot Gift Box Set




If beer isn’t their thing, get them this custom wine glass.

21st Birthday Shot Glasses

21st Birthday Shot Glasses




And finally, if they don’t really care for beer or wine, a shot glass it is. They need something drink-related on their 21st.

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