Manufacturing company to invest $1 million, bring 70 jobs to McDowell County

Emilee Geist

A new manufacturing company is coming to Old Fort, creating 70 new jobs in McDowell County.

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On Friday, Gov. Roy Cooper announced Triple Aught Design, a US-based adventure gear company, will invest $1 million to build and operate a cutting-edge apparel and gear production facility and experience center in Old Fort.

“Today, the second largest industry in our state, manufacturing, is continuing to grow with Triple Aught choosing North Carolina for their East Coast operations,” Cooper said. “Companies like Triple Aught Design are drawn to our strong manufacturing workforce and premier quality of life to support their company’s growth.”


Triple Aught Design designs, engineers, produces and retails high-quality adventure apparel and equipment. Founded in 2010, the San Francisco-based manufacturer sells its products directly to consumers online, in their flagship retail

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Here are ways to make the most out of a less-than-perfect job

Emilee Geist

If you’ve smacked into a plateau, you’re not alone. According to research published by Gallup last fall, only 40 percent of American workers said they’re in good jobs.

Add the pandemic to the mix, and things have only gotten worse. A poll by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago, an independent nonpartisan research institution, in June revealed that only 14 percent of Americans are happy — a five-decade low.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. These authors weigh in on how you can make the most out of a ho-hum role to not only survive, but thrive, even in a so-called dead-end job.

Define joy, find meaning

Carson Tate, author of “Own It. Love It. Make It Work: How To Make Any Job Your Dream Job” (McGraw-Hill Education, out Oct. 6), said employees should identify what they need to be more fulfilled, stimulated

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Defence is the best form of attack for our challenges

Emilee Geist

At a time of unprecedented economic challenges, the Government will have to make tough decisions. It’s more important than ever that we find new ways of designing and building military equipment to ensure these capabilities, which are essential to our national security, are adaptable and affordable.

Tempest is a great example. BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Leonardo and MBDA are working together with the Royal Air Force to design and develop a future combat air system that will be both cutting-edge and cost-effective. This critical partnership will ensure that the UK maintains its position at the forefront of the combat air sector and that our Air Force is capable of tackling and defeating the rapid technological advancements being made by our adversaries.

Together, and working closely with our trades unions, we’ve continued work on Tempest throughout the pandemic with the support of more than 1,800 people, including hundreds of apprentices. We will

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Inside Emma Roberts’ “Casual” Yet Chic Baby Shower – E! Online

Emilee Geist

Emma Roberts has a lot to look forward to this year!

The Scream Queens alum celebrated her baby shower on Saturday, Oct. 3 and the chic affair would make Chanel Oberlin proud. The soon-to-be mom enjoyed a fun and festive party with her boyfriend and father-to-be Garrett Hedlund. It appears the pair’s loved ones also joined in on the special occasion, including the couple’s parents, Kristen Stewart, Camila Morrone and more.

A source tells E! News, “Emma’s baby shower was Saturday afternoon at a friend’s house. It was a co-ed shower with about 15 people. It was outside and everyone stayed distanced.”

“Kristen Stewart was there with Dylan Meyer, Camilla Morrone came with her mom, Lily Kershaw. Emma’s mom and Garrett’s mom were both there,” the insider adds. “Emma wore a long dress that showed off her baby bump. She seemed excited to see friends and

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How to create your own next stimulus check (and stop counting on Congress)

Emilee Geist

How to create your own next stimulus check (and stop counting on Congress)
How to create your own next stimulus check (and stop counting on Congress)

Here we go again. The U.S. House has passed another coronavirus relief package including a second round of those $1,200 “stimulus checks,” to help family budgets and stimulate the economy.

But the last COVID aid measure from the Democratic-controlled House died in the Republican-led Senate, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling the new bill “outlandish.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is negotiating with the White House, but she tells her fellow Democrats in a letter: “We still have significant disagreement in key areas.”

It’s been months since Americans got their last direct payments, via direct deposits, checks and debit cards. If you could use another $1,200 right now, don’t wait around for Washington. Here are 10 ways to find sources of cash and create your own second stimulus check.

1. Reduce your car insurance costs


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8 products that inspired today’s smart home

Emilee Geist

The 2010s ushered in the modern age of smart home technology, complete with affordable voice assistants, design-forward thermostats that adjust for you and robot vacuums you control from your phone

But smart home products existed long before the 21st century. 

Let’s travel back in time to acknowledge the early tech that inspired today’s smart home innovations. While they weren’t called “smart home” products and they didn’t sit in a designated section on store shelves, they shared the same core goal as the 2020 smart home: to make daily life easier. 

Here I’ll highlight eight devices that were important precursors to the smart home industry of today. This isn’t an exhaustive list. Instead it focuses on products that both provided a bridge to newer technologies and continue to be

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Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, is creating a new model for its stores.

Emilee Geist

By Kelly Tyko USA Today
 |  Erie Times-News

A trip to Walmart might soon remind you of shopping on the retailer’s app.

Walmart unveiled a reimagined store design last week rolling out to 200 locations this fiscal year, which ends in early 2021, and 1,000 by next fiscal year that officials said will create a “seamless” omni shopping experience with more self-checkout kiosks and contactless payment options. 

Janey Whiteside, the retailer’s chief customer officer and an executive vice president, said the design was planned before the coronavirus pandemic and one of the goals is to save shoppers time.

“We’re working hard to make it easy for customers to be able to toggle between their physical experiences that are in the store and their digital journeys,” Whiteside said in an interview with USA TODAY. “We think customers are going to really enjoy and find this a much easier shopping experience.”


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Profit Revolution Review – Is it really working?

Emilee Geist

10/03/2020, Newyork // KISSPR //

Profit Revolution Review – Is it a Scam?

We advocate investment in the crypto market because it is a simple way to make money, and there is no need to learn how to perform manual crypto trades. The use of auto trading systems has leveled the earning field for professional crypto traders and new investors.

However, there are so many automated crypto trading platforms online; to help our audience make a better investment choice, we decided to review Profit Revolution.

Two members of my team have been using Profit Revolution for a couple of months, and they have earned significant profits from the first day. My team went ahead with this review because we wanted to prove that the massive profit earned by investors who trade with Profit Revolution is consistent.

Profit Revolution Review – Leveraging tech-based crypto trading systems

We can write a

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The blogging grandmother and the scarves that tell her story

Emilee Geist

Speaking to Ella over the phone from her student digs in Manchester, where she is in her final year studying graphic design, it’s clear the feeling is entirely mutual. “It has just been the best thing to come out of this lockdown,” she tells me. “It’s been such a positive experience for me as well as her. The bond between us has grown so much stronger. Our family has so many strong women, and she’s always been the head of the family, my idol. Doing this with her has just really solidified that.”

For Ella, what has been abundantly clear is that her generation has much to learn from her granny’s. “A lot of people my age can be quite cynical about things, about politics and everything. And I often find myself thinking what would my granny say? She’d tell me to be positive. She just takes everything in her

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Bitcoin Future Review – Is it really working?

Emilee Geist

10/03/2020, Newyork // KISSPR //

Bitcoin Future Review – Is it a Scam?

One of the best options available to crypto traders is the use of automated trading platforms to make money from the crypto market. This is a money making strategy that has continued to help investors in the crypto industry to make so much money online. This review is focused on one of such automated trading platforms, it is called Bitcoin Future.

Bitcoin Future Review

Bitcoin Future is one of the automated crypto trading platforms available to all investors in the crypto market. The brand has become quite popular and gathered a large number of users over time. Bitcoin Future can be used to trade cryptocurrencies easily, because the users will not need to learn and apply any of the complex manual trading skills that have discouraged potential investors in the crypto market for many years.


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