why the September frenzy is a thing of the past

Emilee Geist

Max Mara coats are a timeless purchase which can be worn for years to come - Getty
Max Mara coats are a timeless purchase which can be worn for years to come – Getty

La rentrée is the French term for the first few weeks of September, and the return to normal life after a month of swimming costumes, sun and rosé. And the main event of la rentrée? Buying le manteau, bien sûr.

While we Brits may not have had a special word for the back-to-school sensation September brings, for a long time this month was also marked by our most important purchase of the year: our winter coats. Every autumn, one major stand-out trend was decided upon (military, camel, Victoriana, tartan, mini, maxi…) and we would rush out to department stores, high streets and designer boutiques to make sure we owned it by October. Remember the infamous M&S pink duster coat that half of Britain wore throughout winter 2013? Well, that.

But in the last

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Zap-Map’s EV charging point locator app now lets you pay for power too

Emilee Geist

While electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is improving, the overall user experience still needs a bit of ironing out — but things are improving!

Unlike gasoline filling stations where you can drive up to any location, fill up your car, pay, and drive off, EV chargers often require the user to register and set up an account to process payments. It can be a bit of a laborious process just to charge your car, and then there’re all the supporting apps you have to use to access the chargers.

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Thankfully things are changing, today, one of the UK’s most popular EV charger mapping apps, Zap-Map announced the launch of its Zap-Pay service, which aims to address the inelegance associated with using multiple EV chargers.

The new feature is integrated into the regular Zap-Map app, which allows EV drivers

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Gia Coppola on her YouTube culture satire

Emilee Geist

Her grandfather Francis Ford Coppola made “The Godfather”, so it’s hardly surprisingly that family plays an outsized role in Gia Coppola’s life and her blossoming career as a director.

As the niece of Sofia Coppola — who directed “Virgin Suicides” and “Lost in Translation” — Gia Coppola spent a chunk of her childhood on her aunt’s sets.

And it clearly rubbed off.  

Screenings for “Mainstream”, her satire on YouTubers and the often toxic culture of social media influencers, booked out at the Venice film festival before you could say click to subscribe.

And for once the festival’s hottest ticket did not disappoint, with a mesmerising performance by British actor Andrew Garfield as a charismatic drifter who becomes an online sensation.

– ‘Victim to validation’ –

Made from the gut, and using YouTubers’ own graphic tricks and emojis — the female lead vomits broken hearts when her boyfriend cheats on her

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Norwegian ebike owners ride 4x as much after buying their bikes

Emilee Geist

While ebikes are largely seen as a tool for commuters to make their journeys quicker and less physically tasking, they still have a positive effect for riders‘ fitness.

According to a recent study published in the journal of Transportation Research, Norwegian ebike riders more than quadrupled their daily use of the bicycle for transport over six months. After buying an ebike, riders covered 9.2 km (5.7 miles) per day on average, up from 2.1 km (1.3 miles) per day before their purchase.

Researchers Aslak Fyhri and Hanne Beate Sundfør, from Norway‘s Institute for Transport Economics, say the mode change to ebikes as transport is “not just a novelty effect.” In other words, when people buy an electric bike, they really do use them long term.

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Previous studies haven’t considered the long-term impacts of actually owning

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