17 Vintage Halloween Decorations That You’ll Use Again & Again

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Maybe it’s a longing for simpler times, or just a bad case of nostalgia, but the urge to make Halloween vintage is strong this year. No joke, Etsy has seen a 23% increase in searches for vintage or antique Halloween decor in the last three months (compared to the same […]

Maybe it’s a longing for simpler times, or just a bad case of nostalgia, but the urge to make Halloween vintage is strong this year. No joke, Etsy has seen a 23% increase in searches for vintage or antique Halloween decor in the last three months (compared to the same time the previous year). Whether you like an eerie Victorian vibe or a more homemade and homespun look, you are right on trend.

In fact, Pinterest reports that searches for “vintage Halloween decor” increased by 3×7. We’re all gaga for great-grandma’s Halloween decor. But where can you find vintage Halloween decorations short of spending an entire weekend antiquing? Great news, there are plenty of vendors online selling original and reproduction vintage Halloween decorations that will give your home that bygone aesthetic. Etsy is chock full of old timey spooky decor items. Not to mention sites like Plow & Hearth or The Vintage Halloween Site that’s entirely made up of old fashioned designs.

Want to make your home look authentically period correct? Do your homework first. Google image search or grab a history book to find out exactly what people were using for decorating back in ye olden days. Then shop for these great vintage Halloween products.

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Vintage Halloween Cut Out

When you think Halloweens of the past, printed cutouts might come to mind. There’s actually a good reason for that. Dennison Manufacturing Co. in Framingham, Mass. for years churned out all manner of ghost and goblins printed on paper from 1909 until the 1940s, according to the New England Historical Society. When trick-or-treating really took off in the 1920s, Dennison cranked up its products and that’s why you can still find so many originals at antique marts and online today. This item isn’t from Dennison, but it evokes the era with a fun Halloween illustration printed on paper. You can hang or tape this up in a window or put it on a wall to give your home a spooky vibe from a time gone by.


Die Cut Pumpkin

Moveable paper cutouts also became wildly popular in the early 20th century and this is a great example. This dancing jack-o-lantern features hinges at the arm and leg joints so it can move around. Hang this on your wall and let your kids make jack dance (carefully!). These is a previously owned item so it’s delicate. But that’s what adds to its charm. You can imagine that for generations this piece of vintage Halloween ephemera has been delighting children as they gear up to celebrate the big holiday.


Dancing Cat

Moving right along in the vintage Halloween decorations canon, you’ll find this paper item is the logical genesis. Instead of moveable flat paper joints, it uses honeycomb paper to give the same effect albeit with a bit more bounce. Biestle brand, the company is known for making timeless holiday decor and this wiggly cat is no different. With a cheshire grin and bright orange limbs, it will brighten up your home with its playful look. Plus, this vendor also has similar skeleton and witch designs so you could buy all three to make a dancing Halloween character collection great for an indoor entryway or covered front porch.


Halloween Glassware

Now technically these are mason jars through which you could enjoy some frothy Halloween beverages. But why not use this as decorative candle holders instead? Using vintage mason jars from the 1940s, this vendor has decorated them with twine at the top so you can hang them around your yard. The vendor depicts them here with eerie images inside and if you ask, they’ll send that with the jars as well so you can make your outdoor decor extra creepy.


Peanuts Snoopy Ornament

Who says ornaments are just for Christmas? If you love hanging decorative items on trees, plants, walls, etc., then expand your ornamental season to include Halloween. To get you started, grab this old timey Snoopy ornament featuring the plucky pup wearing a Dracula costume atop a pumpkin. Shiny with only a few chips (those add character), Snoopy will make a charming addition to your home and remember days gone by enjoying the Peanuts holiday specials.


1920s Vintage Witches

When in doubt with holiday decor, add more witches. A simple way to double your witchy efforts? This box of 24 Halloween Embossed Witch Heads printed in Germany sometime between 1920 and 1940. Not stickers, but what appear to at one time have been stands, these 24 witches could become all manner of DIY decorative items. You could frame them, decoupage them onto a lamp, make them into buttons, or stick them onto surfaces all over your home. It doesn’t really matter what you do with them other than put them up all over your house as a little nod to Halloweens of old.


Vintage Pumpkin Man Figurine

Depictions of pumpkin-headed people have changed a lot over the last 100 years, Super creepy horror movie pumpkins or, let’s say, Saturday Night Live’s David S. Pumpkin, is a far cry from the sweet pumpkin look that used to be the norm. That vibe comes across well in this little pumpkin figurine. The little man is smiling widely and wears playful pants with a big bow tie and witch hat. Plus there’s a spring on his hat and the bat beside him that bounce when tugged.


Papier-mâché Old Fashioned Buckets

Who hasn’t bought Halloween candy weeks before the big day and set them up around the house as a little treat? Sure, you could put these snacks in a regular old kitchen bowl. But why when you can give a nod to bygone events with these vintage Halloween decorative candy buckets. Featuring illustrated freaky faces, they’re the perfect size for treats and are made out of papier-mâché and wire. Another fun idea? Use these as place cards for a Halloween dinner party with friends.


Jack-o-Lantern Candy Container

Want a more permanent candy holder? Consider this Green-O-Ween Candy Container. Made of hand-painted resin, chenille, and glitter, it features an old fashioned pumpkin face grinning broadly. Atop, the lid is made of a festive party hat with a little puff ball on top. It’s such a happy, sweet little container. Now just imagine how happy you and all of your family and friends will be when they step up to your door to trick-or-treat and you take the top off this happy little guy to share something sweet with them. That’s a tasty image.


Retro Halloween Kitchen Towel

The kitchen is, in nearly every family, the heart of the home. So why ignore it when it comes to vintage Halloween decorations? You can give even your oven a good fall look with this cute towel hung on the handle. Retro-inspired, the design is by Primitives by Kathy and below a pumpkin and spooked black cat it says Happy Halloween. A good 28″ x 28,” this is actually a useable item you can apply to any kitchen messes, then throw in the washing machine for a quick rinse.


Peanuts Tablecloth

The Peanuts cartoon “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” has been a part of children’s Halloween memories since 1966. So grandma, you and your kids will appreciate this throwback decor item: a Charlie Brown tablecloth. Whether you’re hosting a backyard harvest festival or just having friends over for dinner, get into the spirit of the season with this great tablecloth. It measures 70″ w x 108″ and features scenes from the classic film all around the skirt with the top a simple white. Made from 100% cotton, you can put this on gentle cycle after the festivities and pull it out to use again next year, no worries.


Vintage Crepe Festoon

Want to festoon your entryway with Halloween colors? Buy this crepe ribbon that speaks to Halloween’s history. As it turns out, the aforementioned Dennison played a role in this beloved novelty item as well. In 1906, Dennison offered as many 134 solids and 28 printed patterns, according to Piecework Magazine. So it’s definitely possible your grandparents or great grandparents might have used something very similar to this to mark the Halloween season for their families.


Old Fashioned Halloween Banner

Give your home a warm and welcoming vibe with this vintage-looking garland made from 7 vintage images on card stock. In between are little black and white pennants hanging down for an even more on theme feel. The banner is 55 inches long with ribbon at each end for securing in place. Featuring images of clowns, owls, witches, and cats, there’s a sweet retro appeal to this charming vintage Halloween decoration.


Vintage Halloween Throw Pillows

Ready to snuggle up on the couch and watch horror movies? Then bedeck your sofa in a right on theme pillow for the occasion. This throw pillow is white and orange and features an intricate line drawing of what could easily be Salem, Mass. Filled with bats, jack-o-lanters, witches, and, is that a plague doctor? (how appropriate) It’s spooky, yet subtle enough to blend right in with your other couch accoutrements. Plus, it’s available in four different sizes.


Black and White Halloween Centerpieces

Don’t forget to top your table with some old fashioned Halloween decorations. One idea? Go with this oh so Edgar Allan Poe paper three-piece set. Made up of a black and white skull and two ravens, it’s a spooky trifecta you can put right in the middle of your table. Amp it up with battery powered Halloween twinkle lights or some small gourds and you’re ready to host a great party.


Crooked Witch’s Broom

Now back in the day brooms just looked a little spooky in general. But if your is far too modern to be ridden by a witch, you need a crooked broom asap. This one is very affordable but has that nicely bent look that surely all witches prefer. Measuring 37″ high, this broom is made of plastic, but who can tell when it’s sitting on your porch next to your myriad pumpkins and multi-hued mums?


Vintage Yard Sticks

Tell the neighbs you take Halloween seriously by filling your yard with creepy characters. These plastic vintage Halloween yard decorations are made in a retro design and stick into the grass via a big metal stake. Available in six different designs: witch, skeleton cat, black cat, owl, ghost, and jack-o-lantern, you can buy one or one of each. And at 11.5″ to 12.25″ in size, don’t worry. No one will miss them.

Dive deep into the past by decking your home in these vintage Halloween decorations. Just act fast, some of these are antiques and only one is available!

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