15 Best Fairy Costumes For Kids In 2021

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What’s not to love about a fairy Halloween costume? The idea of becoming a fairy is so appealing. First off, everything you’re wearing generally has some sparkle. Next, you often get a wand. Then, to top it all off, you get wings! Glittery, sheer, beautiful wings. What more could an […]

What’s not to love about a fairy Halloween costume? The idea of becoming a fairy is so appealing. First off, everything you’re wearing generally has some sparkle. Next, you often get a wand. Then, to top it all off, you get wings! Glittery, sheer, beautiful wings. What more could an imagination need to spark all kinds of daydreams? If you have a little one begging to be a fairy for Halloween, great news. There are so many possibilities. But take note, you’re child might not be alone in their fairy fanaticism. Etsy reports a 56% increase in searches for fairy costumes in the last three months compared to the same time the previous year. So you’ll want to act fast.

Choose your color, your style, your character, and you can find the ultimate fairy costume online. From classic fairies — think Tinker Bell and the Tooth Fairy — to make it your own fairy costumes in all manner of colors and fabrics, there is a pixie-perfect outfit out there for every child.

And hot tip, some vendors on sites like Etsy can even personalize a fairy costume in just the colors and design you’re looking for. It’s worth reaching out to make requests to make this year’s Halloween costume extra special. Or should we say new everyday piece of clothing. Because the truth is, once your kiddo tries on their fairy costume the chances of getting them out of it and back into regular clothing might be a tough one.

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Think Pink Costume

Does your little fairy love pink almost as much as they love, well, fairies? Then consider this the solution to your Halloween costume crisis. This springtime fairy dress is all pink in shades of blush, hot pink, and maroon. Green accents adorn the shoulders and waist as well as the hair via two green ringlets. Put on the wings, made in matching pink, of course, and your child will be ready to grab their pixie dust and fly.


Baby Pixie Costume

Want a cute costume that isn’t a pumpkin? Try this infant-size pixie costume. Made of crushed velvet, satin, and tulle, the onesie snaps at the bottom for easy diaper changes and also features neck and shoulder straps to make putting it on easier. A pink satin and tulle tutu is attached and organza wings adorn the back. To cap the super sweet look, a flower topped headband also comes with the set that attaches at the bottom with velcro.


Midnight Garden Fairy

When you think fairies, you likely think of the garden. That’s where these little creatures are often supposed to live. So wouldn’t they have an outfit that easily blends in with the flora and fauna? Certainly, and that’s just what this costume does. The three piece uniform comes with one dress with attached wings, one belt and one headpiece. Entirely made of polyester, the costume is soft and comfortable so kids can really move around and, well, shake their wings.


Green Garden Fairy

One garden fairy certainly needs a friend to go prancing through the yard. If you have multiple wanna-be fairies on your hands, by all means dress your other child in this Green Garden Fairy costume. One of the nice things about this costume is it features a full skirt that comes all the way down the leg. In addition, the bodice is a green crochet top with a satin ribbon halter tie. Only hiccup, the wings are sold separately but you can add them to your ordering using the vendor’s easy dropdown option.


Butterfly Fairy

If you’re unaware of the butterfly/fairy hybrid, you clearly haven’t spent enough time with young children lately. Basically if being a fairy is good, being a butterfly/fairy is great. C’mon, it’s science. Give your child this uber fairy look with this gorgeous yellow costume that’s covered in sequins on the bodice and is covered in flower appliques and 3D butterflies all over it. The skirt is a flowy layered tulle. You’ll have to add on the wings, wand, and matching sparkly shoes, or you can make your own.


Glow in the Dark Fairy Costume

Ready to blow your fairy-loving child’s mind? Order them this glow in the dark skirt, wings, magic Wand And headband. Not only will they be in a perfectly perfect fairy ensemble, they’ll be easily visible while they run around the neighborhood trick-or-treating! No one will miss your pixie on October 31. You’ll have to come up with a leotard or outfit to go underneath, but that’s actually a benefit considering you can dress your kid in warm layers without taking away from the overall look.


Blooming Fairy

Really the only thing that makes a fairy costume better is copious accents; in this case, pretty bright fake flowers. Watch your child flutter around in this printed tulle skirt made from layers of green and purple colored tulle. Pink and purple flowers line the waist and detachable matching wings attach at the back. The bright colors make this fairy costume super pop which makes it easier to keep track of your kid on the big day.


Woodland Fairy

Woodland fairies can get really into character with this costume. Made of a fully lined crochet bodice, they stand out with a skirt full of layers of multi-colored tulle. “Satin ribbons and jewels are added to make each dress something special,” the Etsy vendor says. Which is to say, this is a one-of-a-kind fairy costume you won’t likely see on too many other trick-or-treaters come Halloween night. Even better, this costume not only comes with matching wings, it also comes with a ribbon-adorned wand your pixie can wave around all night long.


Fairy Toddler

Want to get your toddler in on the fairy antics but don’t want a super elaborate costume for them to get tangled in? Look no further than this simple, yet still sweet fairy costume. This teal costume is just one piece so no, your little one won’t get tangled up in their wing straps or tear their tulle on the neighbor’s stairs. Just pull this on over their head and you’re off. If that’s not magic, what is?


Tinker Bell Costume

Can’t forget Tinker Bell. Arguably the most famous of all the fairies, she’s a popular character to become on Halloween. And there are loads of costumes to choose from. But this one is especially appealing thanks to its petal peplum skirt layered over tulle. A large pink flower, Tink cameo, and pink vine applique make it extra special. Finish this magical costume with the included green and gold glitter wings, the ultimate Tinker Bell look for your little one to fly off to Neverland.


Tooth Fairy Costume

The hardest working fairy in all the land, the Tooth Fairy has a big job. And if you think she gets to rest on Halloween, you are sadly mistaken. Just think of all those teeth falling out thanks to buckets of sticky candy. Put your kid to work collecting those rogue incisors dressed as a mini tooth fairy. This costume is, naturally, all white with a glittery silver tooth on the front. Glitter elastic straps hold the crochet bodice in place. And the white wings are included as well although you’ll have to track down your own wand and possibly a pouch to collect the pearly whites.


Peacock Fairy Costume

Peacock features are some of the most beautiful in all the world. So it makes sense that those gorgeous feathers would be a good decoration for a fairy costume. The brilliant greens and blues make this a wildly unique look complete with a green sequin bodice adorned with a peacock feather and flower detailing and a satin halter-style straps. Multilayered green, blue, and purple tulle make up the skirt. And if you want to go really wild, you can also purchase peacock feather wristlets to match.


Rainbow Fairy Costume

Lisa Frank had it right when she put rainbows on every Trapper Keeper and notebook throughout the 90s. There’s something about a rainbow that’s just so cheerful and uplifting. Now take that idea and apply it to a fairy costume and you have this: a rainbow, swirly, unicorn fairy costume! It’s like a Lisa Frank dream come true. Rather than see-through wings, this includes gold puffy wings along with a headband with a unicorn horn on them. Plus, the bodice of the dress has a unicorn face on it. Done and done.


Fairy Godmother Costume

Can’t forget Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother when comes to the fairy costume scene. The gal who helped Cinderella make her dreams come true is totally darling and and come to life easily with this apron, bow, and cape in light blue. Together, your little pumpkin will look just like the plump Fairy Godmother and can wear whatever they want underneath, be it legging or a sparkle onesie, you decide. Bibbidi bobbidi boo!

How’s that for a magical list? Now all you need to do is select the best fairy costume and watch your child be spellbound when it arrives.

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