10 Tips to Lose Weight and Not to Gain Weight

With these simple 10 tips to lose weight, not only managed to lose weight and keep gaining weight, losing weight but also definitively improve your diet and eat healthier.

These are the 10 tips for losing weight and not to gain weight:

  1. Eat food rich in fiber and in the case of carbohydrates you eat those with a low GI (Glycemic Index).
  2. Come all and varied, do not delete any food group, in any case restricts its use if you think it is excessive. You should take vegetables, meats, fish, eggs, fruits, nuts, legumes and cereals.
  3. If you’ve met all your goals for diet and training a small fancy date or one day a week off, but without going over. For example on Sunday may be the day of rest, this calorie meal should be part of your diet plan and be taken into account in the other days.
  4. 5 meals a day, this is small but frequent food intakes. 5 meals a day, remember!
  5. Weigh yourself once a week, without clothes, fasting and the same day of the week. Do not weigh every day, will only serve to demoralize.
  6. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How many times have you heard? Start the day with a good breakfast with protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats such as nuts or extra virgin olive oil.
  7. You train every day, do not leave for tomorrow what you can train today. Minimum one hour of training.
  8. Do not try to lose more than a kilo per week; this is already a very good goal. Adapt target your specific case: age, sex, history, muscle mass and body work and physical activity.
  9. Get rid of the clothes you start to get big or take it to a seamstress to the lame and you fix it. Spend you something to buy new clothes, seeing how well it is encouraged to continue taking care of you.
  10. Bring a healthy and orderly, with adequate food and regular exercise habits.

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