12 fun kids’ face masks for the COVID-19 pandemic

 <span class="copyright">(Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times)</span>
(Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times)

With in-person school just starting for many children, face masks have become the new backpacks in terms of being necessities for at least 2020 and 2021. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children 2 and older “wear masks in public and when around people who don’t live in your household.”

As the world adjusts to life in the age of COVID-19, it’s safe to say many parents are probably adding fashionable face masks to their children’s back-to-school shopping lists. Although students in Los Angeles may be confined to online learning, kids in other states are returning to the classroom, for which the CDC also states, “Appropriate and consistent use of cloth face coverings is most important when students, teachers and staff are indoors and when social distancing of at least 6 feet is difficult to implement or maintain.”

We’ve rounded up

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The Best Back-to-School Tech Your Kids Need This Semester

Photo credit: Staff
Photo credit: Staff

From Popular Mechanics

For many families, the prospect of going back to school is still up in the air. Even if schools do open up again, some of us are still opting to keep our kids at home. But just because it may be the safest option does not mean that it is the easiest. Whether your school district is going back in-person, virtually, or a combination of the two, your kid or teenager could probably use their own new tech, like a laptop or tablet, headphones, and more—not only to set them up for success, but also to make life a little easier on all the parents out there.

Check out the quick reviews below of the best tech for kids, or scroll deeper for full reviews of those models plus other high-ranking options.

How We Selected This Tech

We researched 10 expert sources, such as

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A Detailed Guide For Where To Buy Your Next Rug Online

Just like building a house, great interior design starts with a strong foundation — and a strong foundation often starts with a rug. In a digital era marked by the overabundance of choice, making such weighty decor decisions online instead of in-store can feel overwhelming. We may not be interior decorators but we’re pros in navigating the vast world of e-commerce, so we’re here to help you along your virtual rug journey.

There’s a lot to consider when picking out your floor art (yes, that’s what we’re calling it). In addition to selecting the right texture, thickness, and consistency, you also want to keep color palette and even country of origin in mind. Whether you’re going for dreamy bohemian or contemporary cool, your rug of choice wields the power to make or break a space’s design aesthetic — it pulls enough weight to dictate how your furniture is arranged. To

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Everything you need to dress your wedding reception table now they are back on

From centrepieces to glassware, dressing your wedding tables yourself takes just a few simple steps: iStock
From centrepieces to glassware, dressing your wedding tables yourself takes just a few simple steps: iStock

For couples expecting to walk down the aisle in 2020, it’s been a tumultuous year, as the coronavirus has scuppered most long-awaited plans.

However, the government did provide some relief when it announced in June that wedding ceremonies could go ahead from 4 July, with up to 30 guests.

Unfortunately the news wasn’t as promising for wedding receptions. Although they were initially given the green light to go ahead from 1 August, the prime minister Boris Johnson made a U-turn on the government’s decision, postponing them until 15 August at the earliest.

The government confirmed this week that wedding receptions can go ahead from this Saturday, but only in the form of a sit-down meal with up to 30 guests, in a Covid-secure venue.

The new guidance will not apply in areas such as

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LIM College Maintains ‘Usual Calendar’ For Fall, Reimagines Internship Program

As businesses in New York City work to fully recover from the coronavirus outbreak, schools and colleges are returning to class in the city with a variety of measures to maintain the health and safety of students. For LIM College, this means maintaining its fall calendar while creating a safe environment for students. And for internships, the school is launching a new program model aimed at enhancing the careers of students during these unprecedented times.

Here, Lisa Springer, LIM College provost, and Nina Fiddian-Green, assistant vice president of The Office of Career and Internship Services at LIM College, discuss fall plans the internship program.

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WWD: What will campus life look like in the Fall?

Lisa Springer: COVID-19 has transformed the way we teach, learn, and gather. As we plan for the fall, we understand that flexibility and resiliency will be key to our success. LIM College is

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These Popular Face Masks Got a Special Design Makeover by 4 World-Renowned Artists


By now, you likely own at least one reusable face mask. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wearing one in public settings is the best way to slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Since masks are going to continue to be an everyday necessity for the foreseeable future, you should make sure you find one that’s not only comfortable and well-designed, but also something you enjoy wearing. And Vistaprint’s latest launch will check all of those boxes. 

The online printing service partnered with four world-renowned artists to create a capsule collection of face masks with museum-worthy designs. Colorful, whimsical prints from Futura Laboratories , Jen Stark , Geoff McFetridge , and Parra now decorate Vistaprint’s original face masks, which launched back in May. 

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The machine-washable masks are

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Rev up your company’s revenue engine

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a fun new back-to-school TV commercial. Over lively, catchy music and kids dancing, the narrator says, “whether you’re going back to school online or in person, get the brands that make a statement. Your Day One starts here.”

I hate all the uncertainty about school reopening. But I love the commercial’s energy. You can almost hear the vroom vroom of the company’s engines as it prepares to get back into the race.

It reminds me of the weekly revenue meetings that for years my colleagues and I have called “Rev Up.”

Rev Up is a great meeting title for two reasons. First, the objective of the meeting — and its entire agenda — is to discuss how to make revenues go up. Second, the allusion to the speeding revolutions of a motor that powers a machine is especially apt. Because a Rev Up meeting is all

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4 ways you and your company can make flexible work better

Did you know we have an online event about the future of work coming up? Join the Future of Work track at TNW2020 to hear how successful companies are adapting to a new way of working.

The world of work is fast changing. As life expectancy lengthens and labor markets shift, our working lives have become more complicated. The old expectations about how we work have become unsustainable – not least the expectation that we religiously travel to and from a fixed location ten times a week during rush hour, with all the knock-on effects that this has for carbon emissions.

Flexible work has the potential to solve many issues that see people fall out of the workforce. For employees, this means being better able to fit their jobs around other responsibilities, such as looking after children or elderly relatives. For businesses, this means retaining staff and saving the

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Notebooks are leather-bound graveyards for your ideas

There’s so much talk about where ideas come from — what inspires them and how to keep them flowing. Call me uninspired, but I think that’s the wrong question. Instead of where they’re coming from, I’m more interested in where those ideas are going.

Once you have a killer idea, what’s next? That’s the curious question mark for me.

Throughout time, we’ve invented so many ways to describe inspiration. We’ve personified it with the Greek Muses or the Norse Kvasir. We credit divine inspiration or a whisper in a dream.

Sometimes we say that an idea is inspired by the natural world as George de Mestral did. He said the idea for Velcro sprung into his mind seeing how the tiny hooks of cockle-burs clung to his dog’s fur as they hiked the Swiss Alps. Eureka! Idea acquired! That’s enough right?

[Read: How coronavirus could revolutionize work opportunities for

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Home Designs Melbourne & Victoria (VIC)

home designFind inside design inspiration for brand new properties and old ones alike in our photo collection. This person-friendly program would not require formal training like the other professional packages the corporate provides. To make flooring plans, simple drag-and-drop functions help you create dimension and even make angled partitions within your design.

Interior design has turn out to be the topic of tv reveals. In the United Kingdom, common interior design and decorating applications include 60 Minute Makeover ( ITV ), Changing Rooms ( BBC ), and Promoting Homes ( Channel 4 ). Well-known interior designers whose work is featured in these programs embrace Linda Barker and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen In the United States , the TLC Network aired a well-liked program referred to as Buying and selling Spaces , a show based on the UK program Altering Rooms. As well as, both HGTV and the DIY Community additionally televise many applications … Read More