Where To Buy Art Deco-Inspired Furniture And Decor Online On A Budget

Emilee Geist

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If you’re going for a “Great Gatsby” vibe, here are the best places to find art deco-inspired furniture and decor. (Photo: Ninoon via Getty Images)
If you’re going for a “Great Gatsby” vibe, here are the best places to find art deco-inspired furniture and decor. (Photo: Ninoon via Getty Images)

From terrazzo tiles to rattan headboards, there are lots of home decor trends that have made a comeback recently. Industrial interiors are in, as are the desert designs of the Southwest. 

One of the biggest trends actually comes from 100 years ago: art deco, which reigned supreme in the ’20s and ’30s, the age of “The Great Gatsby,” flappers and Prohibition. A century later, we were due for a revival anyway, according to The Washington Post. 

Art deco was thought to be very modern back in its heyday (hey, we are still talking about it in 2020). The art and architectural movement influenced everything from

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Retailers are ‘hibernating’ their unsold stock for next summer

Emilee Geist

Next's autumn 2020 fashion campaign
Next’s autumn 2020 fashion campaign

Mountains of clothes which could not be sold due to the initial coronavirus lockdown in spring are to be ‘hibernated’ this winter, retailers have confirmed.

Next, Marks & Spencer and more British brands plan to house the collections which never made it onto the shop floor when stores were shuttered from 23rd March until 15th June – a period that would traditionally have seen key merchandise arrivals for the season ahead including swimwear, holiday clothing and occasionwear. 

Next’s latest statement revealed it will ‘hibernate’ 2020 stock at a cost price of £50 million, carrying it over to be sold instead in spring 2021. A spokesperson described a balancing act of ‘cancelling orders that had not yet gone into production (but paying for unused fabric), hibernating stock for the following year and reducing future orders’ as the methods being used to futureproof the business following the

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England and Wales get smartphone contact tracing for over-16s

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Users will be told to self-isolate if the app determines they are at high risk of being infected
Users will be told to self-isolate if the app determines they are at high risk of being infected

People living in England and Wales are being urged to download the government’s contact-tracing app following its official release.

NHS Covid-19 instructs users to self-isolate for 14 days if it detects they were nearby someone who has the virus.

It also has a check-in scanner to alert owners if a venue they have visited is found to be an outbreak hotspot.

More than one million people had downloaded the app onto their smartphones by the early afternoon.

Anyone aged 16 and over is being asked to install it.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the app “helps us to find more people who are at risk of having the virus” that human contact tracers are unable to find.

“Everybody who downloads the app will be helping to protect themselves, helping to protect their

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Award-Winning Photographer John L. Rapisardi Talks About the Financial Impact of COVID-19 on Photographers Globally

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3 “Strong Buy” Stocks That Are Flirting With a Bottom

In the investing game, it’s not only about what you buy; it’s about when you buy it. One of the most common pieces of advice thrown around the Street, “buy low” is touted as a tried-and-true tactic.Sure, the strategy seems simple. Stock prices naturally fluctuate on the basis of several factors like earnings results and the macro environment, amongst others, with investors trying to time the market and determine when stocks have hit a bottom. In practice, however, executing on this strategy is no easy task.On top of this, given the volatility that has ruled the markets over the last few weeks, how are investors supposed to gauge when a name is flirting with a bottom? That’s where the Wall Street pros come in.These expert stock pickers have identified three compelling tickers whose current share prices land close to

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From bullets to rabbits, here’s everything you need to know before you buy

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With prices ranging from £5 to £5,000, the choice can be overwhelming. But we've covered everything, from toys for women and men to couples, to help you make an informed decision (The Inependent/iStock)
With prices ranging from £5 to £5,000, the choice can be overwhelming. But we’ve covered everything, from toys for women and men to couples, to help you make an informed decision (The Inependent/iStock)

If you’ve never bought a sex toy before then it’s easy to feel intimidated by the whole process.

While you thankfully no longer have to go into a shop marked “XXX”, ordering online can be a bit overwhelming, with websites filled with brightly coloured phalluses, and prices varying from £5 to £5,000.

In order to make sure that you buy the right toy for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive toy shopping guide.

Everything electronic we recommend comes with a gentle setting to start you off, and will be delivered in a discrete parcel that your postman won’t give a second look.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers,

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Shopping for Shapewear Is Hard, But These 35 Reviews Help

Emilee Geist

Anyone who defines themselves as “curvy” knows that the fashion industry’s narrow sizing standards make finding everything from the perfect swimsuit to an everyday dress a challenge. But luckily for us, there’s a simple solution: shapewear. This undergarment is a staple piece for any woman looking to feel her best.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Thanks to its rise in popularity, there are a plethora of real women who have shared their opinions about shapewear. In light of this fact, I did a little digging through the review section to see which of the best shapewear pieces on Amazon are actually worth the hype and, in some cases, the investment. Whether you’re new to the idea of using shapewear, want to feel your best in your favorite pants, or are looking for the perfect piece post-pregnancy, the shapewear you’ve been looking for can be

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Meet the designer that made a chatbot to flag workplace racism

Emilee Geist

I recently made a chatbot for recruiters to interact with my portfolio, which garnered some attention on Twitter:

You can interact with it here.

This was a simple experiment I did to manage recruitment emails and job applications, inspired by Big Kid Lab. My original intention was to showcase my resourceful skills and get hands-on experience with conversational AI design, but I added some bolder questions to filter out recruiters who represent companies that don’t align with my values. It’s rather alarming if a company still hasn’t taken a stance of support for BLM or other social justice issues at this point. Being a woman of color in tech, I know that their silence represents a larger implication of the way I would be seen and treated in that work environment.

[Read: Are EVs too expensive? Here are 5 common myths, debunked]

Before the recruiter can interact with my

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The Best Rolling Pins You Can Buy Online, According to Thousands of Reviews

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Choreograph / Getty

A good rolling pin is a must-have kitchen tool. A sturdy, well-designed rolling pin can last for decades and could even be passed down for generations. And a great one will also be of tremendous help to you right now. A quality rolling pin makes baking easier because it allows you to produce evenly and properly measured dough for pies and cookies. (There’s really nothing worse than taking what was intended to be a delicious, golden-brown baked good out of the oven and seeing it burned in parts and undercooked in others.) But because there are so many different options available to home bakers, it’s hard to know which rolling pin will best suit your needs. To help, we scoured the internet for all the best rolling pins, and we rounded up a list of the most highly-rated options according to hundreds and thousands of shopper reviews.

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AAP, RCI, MSFT, SNE and NTDOY as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day

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For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL – September 23, 2020 – Zacks Equity Research highlights Advanced Auto Parts AAP as the Bull of the Day and Rogers Communication RCI as the Bear of the Day. In addition, Zacks Equity Research provides analysis on Microsoft MSFT, Sony SNE and Nintendo NTDOY.

Here is a synopsis of all four stocks:

Bull of the Day:

Advanced Auto Parts is a Zacks #1 (Strong Buy) that operates in the automotive aftermarket industry, selling replacement parts. It’s one of the leading automotive parts providers and caters to the DIY customer.

The company recently had a blowout quarter, where it beat on both the top and bottom line. The stock gapped higher after EPS, but was sold back down to pre-earnings levels.

Investors now must decide if the momentum seen during the pandemic will continue and if the DIY trend can fuel more growth.

About the Company

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8 Brides On What They Wore To Their Micro-Weddings

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The Real Cost Of Coronavirus Micro-Weddings

Micro-weddings are all the rage for couples who were planning to tie the knot in 2020. Because of COVID-19, many have been forced to postpone their big parties, but instead of pushing back saying “I do,” some couples have opted instead to have intimate ceremonies and celebrations, often in addition to larger future bashes with friends and extended family. This trend is great for couples who are in a hurry to get married, but does it also tack on unexpected additional costs to the already pricey endeavor of hosting a wedding? That all depends on how you approach the planning process. To find out the real cost of coronavirus micro-weddings, we talked to 14 people about their budgets. Ahead, they share how much they spent to get married in 2020, how their future wedding celebrations will or won’t look different because of their

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