All the workout gear you need

From fitness trackers to resistance bands, these are the must-have gym essentials: iStock/The Independent
From fitness trackers to resistance bands, these are the must-have gym essentials: iStock/The Independent

Saturday 4 July marked the biggest easing of lockdown measures so far, with pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, museums, art galleries, cinemas, campsites and hotels opening their doors for the first time since 23 March.

The 2m social distancing rule has also been relaxed from the same date and instead, a “1m-plus” distance is recommended along with people sitting side by side rather than face to face and wearing face coverings.

Businesses are also encouraged to avoid face to face seating, reduce the number of people in enclosed spaces, provide hand sanitiser, change shift patterns and implement the use of face coverings.

For gyms, customers and business owners alike have had a long wait to find out when doors will reopen and indoor workouts can resume. Since they have closed, there has been little information on when they

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18 Virtual Summer Camps That Will Keep Your Little Ones Engaged

Obviously, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, summer plans are on hold until further notice. And for families who rely on camp during the warmer months, this can be problematic. Although traditional summer camps might be out of the question this year, there are plenty of virtual options that will keep kids of all ages entertained. Whether they’re looking to keep their academics sharp (hey, no one likes that pesky summer slide, right?) or just want some good, old-fashioned fun, these online summer camps will deliver.

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When Will Schools Reopen After Coronavirus?

Camp PBS Kids

Children between the ages of 2 and 8 can get access to a slew of educational activities all summer long using PBS Kids’ website. Parents can also opt to get a daily newsletter that’s chock-full of fun activities based on age and

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Remote Learning to Gain From Spike in Coronavirus Cases: 4 Picks

Businesses and schools have finally started reopening in the United States but not everyone is inclined toward physically attending them given the surge in new coronavirus cases. After registering a record 50,000+ coronavirus cases on Thursday, the United States recorded another around 40,000 new cases on Sunday.

This definitely is reason enough for people to once again stay indoors. Although most Americans expect all schools to reopen in the fall, there are chances that teachers and students may not be there. This made schools shift to online education to help students complete their semester this year and with growing fears it is likely that most will prefer learning from remote locations.

Coronavirus Fears Growing

Although states have started reopening, fears too have come back haunting after a surge in fresh coronavirus cases. The United States recorded 39,379 new coronavirus cases on Sunday and many states are contemplating putting a brake

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The Comfiest Chairs To WFH In

If your head, shoulders, lower back, and butt aren’t currently killing you, then you’re probably reading this from the comforts of a supportive seat — and following the uncrossed-legs, 90/90 rule like a posture pro. The transitional road to working remotely has had its bumps, and one that we’re currently still navigating is physical body support. To help us win the battle against eventually throwing our backs out while WFH, we went on a virtual quest for the top-rated desk chairs stamped with reviewer-comfort seals of approval.

Ahead, the bestselling ergonomic buys that are structured to rescue your tight hips and sore butt bones from their sad sunken-in couch cushions or questionably-old mattress fates. We found everything from the no-frills options that will make you feel like you’re back in-office again (seems almost nice at this point, no?) to the fancier styles that will fit right in with your farmhouse

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Tesla Website Crashes As Musk Puts ‘Short Shorts’ On Sale

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk announced Sunday that the automaker was selling a pair of red “short shorts” on its online store, which led to the item being sold off in minutes and the company’s retail website crashing.

What Happened

Musk took to Twitter to announce the sale of the short shorts.

The Tesla chief executive said the limited edition shorts were on sale for “only $69.420,” a thinly veiled reference to the $420 price point at which Musk had wanted to take the automaker private in 2018.

Minutes after the shorts went on sale, they were all sold out, and the Tesla online store became inaccessible. 

The shorts’ product description mocks the short-sellers of Tesla stock. It reads, “Celebrate summer with Tesla Short Shorts. Run like the wind or entertain like Liberace with our red

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Elon Musk mocks Tesla short-sellers with sale of $69.420 satin shorts


Billionaire Elon Musk has started selling Tesla-branded “short shorts” in a stab at sceptical short-sellers who bet against the electric car company.

The sale of the satin shorts comes after the Tesla boss joked online that the car company was planning to “make fabulous short shorts in radiant red satin with gold trim”.

The joke by the 49-year-old is aimed at short sellers, investors who borrow shares, to sell and then rebuy them at a lower price to pocket the difference.

“Limited edition short shorts now available,” CEO Elon Musk tweeted.

The shorts, which are emblazoned with Tesla’s logo and the phrase “S3XY”, are on sale for $69.420 on Tesla’s website. The deliberate typo is a nod to Elon Musk’s previous claims he would take the car company private at a valuation of $420, itself a further nod to cannabis smoking. 

Tesla’s online store briefly went offline when the

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Czech volunteers develop functioning lung ventilator in days

PRAGUE (AP) — Tomas Kapler knew nothing about ventilators — he’s an online business consultant, not an engineer or a medical technician. But when he saw that shortages of the vital machines had imperiled critically ill COVID-19 patients in northern Italy, he was moved to action.

“It was a disturbing feeling for me that because of a lack of equipment the doctors had to decide whether a person gets a chance to live,” Kapler said. “That seemed so horrific to me that it was an impulse to do something.”

And so he did. “I just said to myself: ‘Can we simply make the ventilators?’” he said.

Working around the clock, he brought together a team of 30 Czechs to develop a fully functional ventilator — Corovent. And they did it in a matter of days.

Kapler is a member of an informal group of volunteers formed by IT companies and

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I Shopped at Costco for the First Time and This Is What I Learned

Photo credit: Courtesy of Cheapism
Photo credit: Courtesy of Cheapism

Costco 101

Fans of Costco are quick to praise its prices and products, especially when it comes to groceries — and they’re the ones who are stocked for a pandemic in one quick trip, from toilet paper (when it’s in stock) and hand sanitizer to breakfast cereal and frozen pizza. Up until now, I’ve resisted the warehouse store because of the membership fee, and instead did my shopping at Target, Meijer, and Kroger. But I decided to finally get myself a membership to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s what I noticed on my very first visit.

Note: This Costco visit was taken prior to the coronavirus pandemic, so some observations might not be relevant to the current circumstances.

Get a $20 Costco Cash Card

Photo credit: Cheapism
Photo credit: Cheapism

It Closes Only Seven Days A Year

The first thing you notice walking in is

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Everything you need to know as lockdown eases

We have all your questions about face masks answered including how to wash them, masks for children and where to buy them: iStock
We have all your questions about face masks answered including how to wash them, masks for children and where to buy them: iStock

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that face masks and coverings will become part of daily life.

The UK government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have both advised wearing face coverings in a bid to reduce the infection transmission of Covid-19.

Since 15 June, it has been mandatory in England to wear them while using public transport and in hospitals. Failure to follow these rules can result in people being refused entry and a £100 fine.

The new measures mean that anyone travelling by train, Tube, bus, ferry or plane in England should be wearing a face covering. Those travelling by train will be asked to cover their face as they enter a station.

These rules apply to everyone, except those under the age of 11 and

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Need someone to make you sweat? Meet your new virtual trainer

The gym. The studio. Places we once populated as part of our routine, our ritual. Now, in the face of the new normal, many gyms are in phase 3 reopening. And that is a timeline none of us can predict. If you’re wondering how to make the most of your workout when gyms are still closed or you’re just not ready to go back to one yet, consider turning to these online trainers. You can sweat with them in the privacy of your very own home. And your commute from the gym to the office is the easiest one yet.


Dawn Feinberg, the owner and yogi guru at Ahana in the Design District, isn’t your typical yogi. She’s been known to mix asanas with Biggie and play her harmonium after blasting Tupac. While she’s eager for the return of her outdoor classes in the Design District, she is

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