E-Commerce Is Still Falling Short of Consumer Expectations, Especially on Mobile

Emilee Geist

Despite the bountiful investments in e-commerce from brands and retailers across the consumer goods market, a new study from Yottaa and Retail Systems Research (RSR) finds that web performance is consistently below recommended standards. Website speed, in particular, was a problem, with 78% of surveyed retailers failing to meet the standards set by the e-commerce optimization platform.

The shift to online selling has put pressure on merchants to upgrade their digital offering and improve the consumer experience. But investments in these areas don’t always address the most important areas, with some companies getting distracted by glossy aesthetics or a gamified shopping journey — and neglecting core components of the e-commerce process.

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The report looked at several key categories, with companies able to score a total of 54 points. Sample criteria included the time taken to load a homepage on mobile; the difference between fastest and slowest

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How an L.A. auto legend’s China venture crashed

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An S1 sports car is parked at the entrance to the Jiangsu Saleen auto plant in Rugao, China. <span class="copyright">(Saleen Automotive Inc.)</span>
An S1 sports car is parked at the entrance to the Jiangsu Saleen auto plant in Rugao, China. (Saleen Automotive Inc.)

Last July, Steve Saleen, the Southern California designer of souped-up Ford Mustangs and eponymous supercars, walked onto a strobe-lit stage at Beijing National Stadium to launch a new line of vehicles for the Chinese market.

During a 90-minute spectacle featuring techno beats, mesh-clad dancers and an appearance by the British action star Jason Statham, Saleen introduced himself as an automotive legend whose partnership with Chinese state investors would inject “supercar DNA” into high-end sedans, coupes and an SUV aimed at younger drivers.

A year later, that flashy vision has veered disastrously off track.

Saleen’s Chinese backers have accused his business partner of fraud and embezzlement and taken over the company, freezing its accounts and forcing hundreds of employees out of work. Police raided the sprawling new factory emblazoned with

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The Best Online Baking Classes for You & Your Family to Try

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Baking seems to be everyone’s favorite hobby these days and if you’re wondering how all of your friends turned into superstar bakers overnight, the answer probably lies in one of the internet’s best online baking classes. We’re all spending a lot more time at home these days and looking for fun hobbies to get into and as a result, online classes have skyrocketed in popularity. You can take everything from online cooking classes to online interior design classes and we love them because they’re easy, convenient, super affordable, a great family activity and you don’t even need to get dressed up to attend them.

Baking is one of those hobbies that can seem overwhelming until you dive in and actually start doing it. Yes, you will make mistakes, but that’s half the fun and you’ll learn a lot from those mistakes along the way. Luckily, tons of chefs and bakers’

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Huge savings on bikes for kids of all ages

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Teaching your kids to ride a bike is a task that every parent will face, and there are multiple ways to go about it. 

Typically, the process consisted of a number of months using stabilisers followed by that unnerving-but-joyous day when the stabilisers came off. The invention of the balance bike put paid to that timeline for many households, allowing toddlers to master the coordination of steering before they’re tasked with pedalling. 

The balance bike method seems a much safer series of events, but it does come with the caveat that your first trip to the bike shop happens earlier than it otherwise would. This ultimately leads to an extra bike in the stable and an additional hole in your budget, albeit thankfully, a balance bike will be loose change in comparison to the bikes your kids are going to want when they grow up. 

Kids’ bikes, by virtue of

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50+ Black-Owned Businesses to Shop Now and Forever

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Brands
Photo credit: Courtesy of Brands

From Good Housekeeping

Buying from Black-owned shops, stores and brands is one of the many ways to be an ally and show support to a community that has been deeply affected by systemic racism. Not only are Black business owners turned down for loans twice as often as their white counterparts, but they have also been hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. Your money can make a difference, especially when you continuously choose to buy Black for everyday lifestyle staples like makeup, clothes, food, and more.

A simple Google search will direct you to Black-owned businesses within your community, but we’ve also compiled a list of brands that Good Housekeeping editors and Good Housekeeping Institute product analysts personally love that you can shop online right now in honor of National Black Business Month. Our hope is that you’ll find some new favorite products here

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Going Off Book

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Julian Birchman and Jenna Brillhart

7 College Freshmen Reveal Their Hopes and Fears About Going to School This Fall

Whether studying at home or on campus, freshman year during a pandemic is an unprecedented experience.

Jenna Brillhart

By Morgan Noll

Most colleges send out their acceptance letters in March, the same month this year that the reality of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic became impossible to ignore. In between transitioning to online classes and dealing with canceled events like prom and graduation, countless high school seniors were tasked with making decisions about their educational futures—even as they were becoming increasingly unclear. For these graduates looking ahead at college, it’s not a question of if the pandemic affected their plans but how.

Rising college freshmen have had to weigh the health and safety risks of attending school, alongside the typical factors like distance from home, living accommodations, and financial aid—that is,

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Marks & Spencer apologises for ‘racist’ bra colour name after customer says it’s ‘hurtful’

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The retailer apologised over its colour description. (Getty Images)
The retailer apologised over its colour description. (Getty Images)

Marks & Spencer has apologised after a customer described her online shopping experience as “hurtful”, due to a “racist” name given to a bra in a darker skin tone.

Kusi Kimani, 29, noted that the colours of the £12 skin-toned bras all had different names.

The lighter colours were named after sweet treats, from fudge to cinnamon, whereas the darkest colour available on the website was called “tobacco”.

“Why not call it cocoa, caramel or chocolate – sweet dessert items? But they used tobacco. I was shocked when I saw it,” Kimani told The Mirror.

The 'tobacco' bra colour has since been removed from the website. (M&amp;S)
The ‘tobacco’ bra colour has since been removed from the website. (M&S)

“It’s hurtful to me and my friends. If a young girl who is already uncomfortable with the colour of her skin (sees it) she will be feeling even more alienated.

Kimani added that tobacco

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Interior Design Startup Havenly Raises $32 Million TechCrunch

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home designDengan Akun Google Bisnisku, Anda tidak hanya mendapatkan listingan bisnis. Know-how moreover helps multinationals adapt products and business fashions to native circumstances. After we reviewed home design software program program, we examined suites that embrace all the instruments it’s necessary to create a full house plan from the muse up on a laptop working Dwelling house home windows. We confederate with worldwide journey companies, in providing floor coping with as enterprise to enterprise model.

Now we have helped create a sociable home for family dwelling which displays our purchasers love of fundamental up to date design. Though grand architecture and darkish partitions create mood in Victorian-impressed schemes, it is the present-stopping stable-iron roll-high that’s the center of this look. Hardwood flooring present an elegant look and feel and that’s precisely the explanation behind better values of houses with wooden floors. In this kitchen designed by Hecker Guthrie, the glass cabinets … Read More

European battery makers power up for a green recovery

Emilee Geist

By Kate Abnett, Matthew Green and Norihiko Shirouzu

August 13 (Reuters) – European battery makers are gearing up to take advantage of massive “green” stimulus packages unveiled since the coronavirus pandemic though many acknowledge it will be tough to match the Asian giants that dominate the mainstream market.

While Sweden’s Northvolt, and more recently France’s Verkor, are making a play for large-scale production, other European companies are focusing on niche markets and new technologies rather than taking on Chinese and South Korean firms with mass production of batteries destined for electric vehicles (EVs).

From Greek battery maker Sunlight to start-ups like InoBat Auto in Slovakia and Switzerland’s Innolith, firms say the challenge of building economies of scale fast to compete head on means finding niches is a more likely path to success, for now.

“Having battery giants in Europe, it’s still possible,” said Sunlight Chief Executive Lampros Bisalas. “We just

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How to Fix the Most Annoying Things About Masks

Emilee Geist

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To help contain COVID-19, one of the most important things you can do is wear a mask. Especially when paired with physical distancing, wearing masks is “the single best way, short of a lockdown, to slow the spread of the virus,” says William Schaffner, M.D., a professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tenn.

But small annoyances can discourage people from wearing masks, Schaffner says, even when they know they should. “These may seem like minor problems, but if the new normal is going to be mask wearing for months, then they need attention,” he says.

The good news is that the things that may bug you about masks are mostly fixable. Even when they aren’t, there are steps you can take to minimize them. Here, we have

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